If you're looking for a luxury brand that is both unique and instagram-worthy, Gucci has a ton of fashion items to choose from. Among the must-haves from the brand are Gucci sneakers which everyone wishes to have in their shoe closet. Take home your own pair of Gucci sneakers below or find out about its many embroidered designs below.



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Gucci's Embroidered Sneakers - Which Designs are Instagram Worthy?

Known as one of the oldest luxury brands in the fashion industry, Gucci is a brand known for their extensive array of footwear including sneakers. While their slip-ons are definitely their best-sellers, Gucci sneakers are also catching up to the hype. What makes this line of footwear so unique is the embroidery that comes with the shoe. Social media platforms like Instagram are crazy about Gucci sneakers and looks like it's here to stay. Gucci has put out a great selection of embroidered sneakers and here are the top designs that would give you all that Instagram likes.


Perhaps the most common embroidery design that you would see in social media, embroidered florals on Gucci shoes are all the rage today. Whether it's a single rose or a slender vine on the sides of the shoe, floral embroidery on Gucci sneakers denotes feminine qualities which is probably why they are popular with women.


The Gucci Kingsnake - as it is officially known, is not only seen in their sneaker line but also on other products such as wallets, bags, and even clothing. The Gucci snake is a beautiful, slender, and sophisticated design that goes seamlessly well with the trademarked Gucci colors. It is a sophisticated design in which the brand is known for.


Like the snake, the Gucci bee has also been appearing in many fashion items and has since been a part of its branding. The Gucci bee is an anatomical visual of a bee which can be a silhouette or a detailed design. In a sneaker, the bee embroidery adds a level of sophistication and simplicity that other luxury brands cannot mimic.


Cute and perfect for the summer, the pineapple embroidery is a cute design that would transport you to tropical heaven. Aside from being embroidered, the pineapple emblem can also be encrusted with crystals which adds to the luxurious disposition of the brand. In footwear, the pineapple embroidery is a fun way to wear Gucci.

Big Cats

From tigers to black panthers, Gucci also has sneakers with an embroidery of big cats. They are fierce designs that would certainly catch your attention. If you want to put your best foot forward, then a Gucci shoe with a big cat embroidery would be something you would want to wear for your #OOTD.

You know you've made it in life when your go-to shoe is Gucci. A brand worn by A-list celebrities, you can never say 'no' to Gucci. Aside from sneakers, Gucci also has other selections of footwear including loafers, sandals, boots, and brogues. Find out where you can order these items online at iPrice!