Pedometers are awesome gadgets that help you keep track of your distance. You may not think they are useful. Here are some reasons why you need a pedometer. Check out the best pedometer from the biggest brands in Singapore.


3 Reasons Why You Need A Pedometer

Love hitting the gym? Are you a fitness junkie? If you answered ‘yes’, you probably have a significant amount of fitness gear ready for your workout sessions. Unfortunately, many of us gymoholics miss out on one important item – Pedometer. Some may not even have heard of pedometers. Pedometers are simple gadgets that measure your distance travelled based on the movement of hands or hips. Particularly popular in marathons and other running/walking events, pedometers ensure you get an accurate reading of the distance covered within that timeframe. If you don’t own a pedometer, here are some reasons why you should get one.

Keep Track of Your Movement

Much like a GPS system that tracks your whereabouts, a pedometer tracks the number of steps/meters/kilometres you travel every day. If you are gym-based, you may not be able to move much in terms of distance. But with a pedometer, you can track how far you have moved based on your static exercises in the gym.

Most pedometers also come with other functions such as heart rate and calories burnt. These measurements help you keep track of your input and output on a daily basis. Now you can accurately calculate your food intake with the goal you set.

Push Yourself Everyday

This area is subjective depending on what you are going for. When you start your workout regiment, you set a goal. Having the right tools to help you accomplish your goal could encourage and expedite your achievement. Guess what? A pedometer helps you do exactly that. When you get a pedometer, you set your biodata and set a goal that you intend to achieve in terms of distance covered. A pedometer helps to push you to achieve more with each workout session. Don’t kid yourself over what you achieve, your pedometer tells you exactly where you are.

Brag About It

Once you’ve accomplished the above two, you can have a bit of fun and start bragging about your achievement. Show off to your friends on the distance covered every day. When you tell them about your distance covered in a day, they may not believe you. Simply show them your pedometer and tell them that is exactly what you did. You could also show them the importance of having a pedometer – especially one that you could wear the entire day to accurately record your progress.

Now that you know the reasons why you need a pedometer, you might want to get one for yourself. Here are some options you might want to look into:

Go ahead and get any one of these pedometer gadgets and you too can experience the 3 things above today.

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