It’s time to make your New Year’s resolution come true and lose that body fat. You can do this by getting yourself a treadmill to jog or walk on actively. Find out some of the best benefits of treadmills below.


5 Benefits of Using Treadmills

Fitness is not just about muscle; it’s not just about bulking to become your biggest form. Fitness is about achieving the physique that is healthy as well as bringing out your true potential physically. Consequently, cardiovascular exercises become an essential part of your workout. In Singapore, we have multiple options for cardio exercises – hiking, running, swimming. But what if we don’t have time to go out or we are stuck at home most of the time? Treadmills are your best option for indoor cardio. Now you can find treadmills in Singapore online with the selection above. Read more to know the biggest benefits of treadmills.

1. Get your heart rate pumping with treadmills

We all have our fitness inspirations that we work towards. Part of hitting our goals is to lose the fat content. Cardio workout helps us maximise fat loss the smart way. Yes, it takes patience and endurance to lose weight with cardio, but in the end, it’s totally worth it! Tone up your muscles and sculpt your body with cardio. Try challenging yourself by increasing the speed or incline on the treading mill to get the maximized effect. Run on a treadmill indoors and you will emerge as a new person!

2. Maximum privacy

Working out can be an embarrassing thing to do especially if we are not used to it. Even jogging in the park sometimes makes us feel conscious and shy. This is never the case with treadmills. Keep one in the comfort of your home, and you can walk/jog/run on the treadmill away from prying eyes.

3. Less risk of injury

We’ve all heard of friends who experience injury from sports and excessive workouts outdoors. Thankfully, we have the option of treadmills. If used the right way, treadmills won’t hurt your legs as much as running outdoors. A fixed flat surface on the conveyor belt allows you to pace your steps flat. Most treadmills also come with a Pause or Stop button if you need to take a break from exercising or in case of emergency.

4. Multitasking

Running can be a mundane task. This is why we would rather watch TV than run. Well, why not do both? Place your treadmill in front of your TV or computer and you can watch your favourite videos while running. Most treadmills also come with some storage space for you to put your iPod, smartphone or even water bottle for ease of access. This way, you can multitask while burning fat!

5. Cheaper than therapy

Exercise is cheaper than therapy. We’ve all heard that phrase. In the long run, treadmills provide therapy that you will love. Instead of trying your best to fall asleep at night, how about doing a short jog on your treadmill to improve your sleep quality? While jogging or walking on the running machine plays a part in promoting your blood flow, it also helps to release endorphins in your body, bringing a positive boost to your brain and mood. You will push your body to love running and eventually get the most out of every workout.

Can you lose weight on a treadmill?

Using the treadmill regularly can help to burn some calories, coupled with the right diet or reduced calorie intake, you will able to shed some belly fat. On top of running on the treadmill, health experts also suggest doing some aerobic exercises to burn fat quicker and speed up your weight loss. However, do keep in mind to not overexert yourself during the workout as it can put yourself at risk of severe health problems. Take breaks or adjust the speed and incline whenever necessary to allow your body to regain energy and strength slowly.

What treadmill is best for home use in Singapore?

The bestselling treadmills you can buy in Singapore are:

  • AIBI Motorised Treadmill AB-T030
  • AIBI Mini Treadmill AB-MS2.0
  • AIBI Motorised Treadmill AB-T401
  • Xiaomi Mijia Walking Pad Smart Treadmill
  • TM1088 Foldable Treadmill

How much is a treadmill in Singapore?

Coming with a variety of features, a treadmill’s price ranges from S$219.00 to S$6,899.00 in Singapore. By paying the cheapest price, you can get a foldable mini treadmill featuring a fitness monitor that records time, speed, and distance. Since it can be easily folded up and is designed with wheels, it won’t cause too much hassle should you need to relocate to your new home.

Find Your Perfect Treadmill

If you are clueless about how to choose a treadmill, let us give you a few tips. You can run to your nearest gym, take a look at the treadmill brands they use and shop for those brands. Or, simply check out the selections we have handpicked for you today such as Johnson Fitness, Gintell, AIBI Treadmill, and Lifestyle Fitness Onsport. Shop online and save big bucks on treadmills today with iPrice Singapore!

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