Remember those times when we were little, we used to play with the monkey bar at playgrounds? While those monkey bars may no longer be relevant to our age, there’s still a way to relive that childhood memory. The answer to this is a pull-up bar! Explore our wide selection of pull up bars and check out their price below.


Everything You Need to Know About Pull Up Bar Singapore

A pull-up bar, or also known as a chin up bar, is ubiquitous at gyms and playgrounds. While gym membership can be costly in the long run, there are numerous ways to do a workout session in a budget-friendly way. One of them is to build a pull-up bar in any area of your home.

Are pull-ups good for you?

What’s good about pull up bars then? A pull-up bar is designed to help strengthen many parts of the body, including your arms, shoulders, back, hands, lats, abdominal muscles, and chest. With that, you’re able to build up muscle mass and burn fat easily. Suffice it to say, pull-ups are an effective strength-building exercise any muscle builder can do at home.

What to look for in a pull up bar?

When looking for the perfect pull-up bar for yourself, do keep in mind a few considerations as stated below:

  1. The pull up bar should be easy to assemble and disassemble, saving you time and money from looking for someone to assist in the installation process
  2. If you have limited space at home, portability is crucial when it comes to installing a pull-up bar that fits between doorways or gets mounted on the wall.
  3. Like any product, a pull-up bar should be durable and able to withstand great weight to prevent any injuries. Most models can endure a capacity of 136kg, while some can support greater weight than that.
  4. A pull-up bar should offer maximized stability and strong support, so you can give it a firm grip.
  5. Bonus: Multifunctional bars include multiple gripping positions and accessories for you to have full-body workouts.

What is the best pull up bar?

A few of the best pull-up bars in Singapore are:

  • Aibi Chase Door Pull up Bar - drilling required - S$ 23.20
  • Decathlon Pull-up Bar 100cm - S$ 40.00
  • Decathlon Strength Training Pull-up Bar (Domyos) 500 - S$ 50.00
  • Iwanna Safe Frame Pull-up Bar - S$46.90

Overall, the price of a pull-up bar ranges from S$18.00 to S$360.00 in Singapore. The pull up bars can be acquired from Shopee.

Is doorway pull up bar safe?

Certainly! Doorway pull-up bars, or also referred to as telescopic bars, extend and wedge between the uprights of a door frame. No screws or drilling needed, therefore they are very simple to set up.

In addition to pull-up bars set up in the door frame, other types of pull-up bars you can check out are:

Freestanding - A standalone pull-up frame or tower with a stable base that can manage weight and regular upper body exercises. It’s huge and might take up space. Suitable for those who have a spacious home.

Portable - Can be disassembled into a compact size for easy storage. Usually shaped in two handles, for example, the Duonamic Eleviia. Travel-friendly, lightweight, and offers a comfortable grip.

Station - Perfect for home gyms. A piece of heavy-duty equipment that’s ideal for avid workout enthusiasts. Price may be expensive.

Wall/Ceiling - Pull up bars are mounted onto either surface, thus they are sturdier and more secure. Some come with padded armrests and headrest, providing ultimate comfort when you do pull-ups.