Looking good is never easy and with so many fashion brands to choose from, it will be hard to ever be able to find something that is fashionable and easy to pull off whenever wherever. If you are a man and you are looking for simple, versatile clothing, then Hackett is the one for you. Look effortlessly stylish with the array of clothing and accessories that Hackett has to offer. Click here to learn more about the brand.


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Hackett Singapore, a Brand for Fashion Savvy Men

Meet the Outcome of Second-Hand Clothing and Fashion at Hackett Singapore

After spending time procuring used high quality clothing for a Paris-based dealer, Jeremy Hackett decided to try his hand at doing the same thing in London. Together with Ashley Lloyd-Jennings, he had the idea to start a used clothing store. It would be years later, in 1983, when the partnership blossomed and resulted in the opening of their first store under the name ‘Hackett’. In 1985, the store did so well that the pair decided to brand out into making their very own clothing in order to keep up with the demand.

Hackett (also known as Hackett London) is a retailer of menswear. The brand’s style is deemed as classic and as British as you can possibly get. It is the brand that caters to the modern English gentleman with its wide array of clothes, shoes and accessories.

Getting that English Gentleman Look with Hackett Singapore

Hackett is home to clothes, shoes and accessories for men as well as boys (though the brand still caters mostly to men). Its designs are simple, classic and very British in every possible sense. Other than its basic, simple menswear, the brand also offers four different collections of Hackett Clothing that cater to the fashion needs of men:

Hackett Mayfair
Home to a premium line of clothing that range from shirts and jackets to socks and ties. These items have clean, simple designs and are made from premium materials like leather, merinos and suedes. This collection is perfect for any man whose style is looking smart and sharp at any given time of the day.
Hackett London
A collection of clothing that is dedicated to the newer generation of sharp English gentlemen. The collection contains an array of clothing and accessories that will help you achieve that sharp look effortlessly and with comfort all day and for all occasions. This collection is made for modern men who put comfort and fashion on the same level of importance.
Hackett Sport
Have a love sports? Then you will love this collection of clothing from Hackett. Made from technologically advanced fabrics, Hackett has designed sporty clothing for gentlemen who want to keep fit and look fashionably stylish at the same time.
Hackett x Aston Martin Racing
If you love living life on the fast lane, then Hackett’s collaboration with Aston Martin Racing would be of interest to you. The collection features a wide range of polo shirts (both long and short sleeve) as well as jackets and sweatshirts that looks stylishly modern and classy. Be the gentleman on the racetrack with this awesome collaboration of clothing.

    As for clothing for boys, Hackett offers a wide range of tops, bottoms, hats, shoes and accessories that are made for little boys aged 2 months up until they are 16 years old. Similar to the style of the men’s clothing, Hackett’s clothing for boys are made to bring out the English gentleman that lives in each of them.

    Experience the Scent of Luxury with Hackett Singapore

    Other than offering clothing for the classy English gentleman, Hackett also offers colognes and scented candles that are luxurious and very masculine. Hackett’s Murdock Male Grooming collection was created in collaboration with London’s best male grooming specialists, Murdock London. The collection offers 5 different colognes for the English gentlemen, 4 scented candles as well as two different types of kits that will help men take care of their beards and/or mustache.

    Here are the classy scents that Hackett has to offer any stylish gentleman:

    Hackett Murdock Vetiver Cologne
    A daytime fragrance that is earthy, clean and comforting. This scent is recommended for explorer-type gentlemen as they go out and seek adventures in the great unknown or on the streets of global metropolis.
    Hackett Murdock Fougere Cologne
    Stylish, herbal and woody, the name of the scent is the French word for fern. A staple in any man’s grooming cabinet, this scent is inspired by fresh English herbaceous borders and wet woodlands.
    Hackett Murdock Avalon Cologne
    A clean, fresh citrusy scent that is made from specially sourced plants. The scent is complex, intriguing and perfect for any English gentleman.
    Hackett Murdock Patchouli Cologne
    A complex, rich and velvety scent, the scent is a stimulating mix of spices that is inspired by the free-thinking style of British bohemian tradition. It is an intricate scent that is perfect for quiet dinner parties or fun nights with the lads.
    Hackett Murdock Black Tea Cologne
    A subtle blend of spices and leather that is very masculine. The scent was inspired by the British global traveler as he explores the routes of exotic spices and tea. It is a complex sent that is sensuous and evocative.

      Hackett Singapore’s Investment into the World of Sports

      As a brand that is very British, it is no surprise that Hackett would also be heavily involved in the England’s world of sports. The very first sport that Hackett became involved in would be polo. It would be in year 1987 when two polo-playing officers approached Hackett’s founder to ask for a sponsorship. So, that was how Hackett made its first venture into the world of sports and that was one of its iconic products, the polo shirt, came into being.

      Other than being a constant sponsor of the British Army Polo Team, Hackett has since gotten involved in other sports. Among them are:

      Aston Martin Racing
      Beginning since 2005, Hackett is the team’s longest, continual sponsor. The brand has provided the team with a fashionable history if racing-inspired garments and has been seen in many race tournaments across the globe.
      Williams Martini Racing
      When Hackett became involved with the Williams Martini Racing team in 2015, motorsport had been a part of the Hackett DNA for many years. The brand supplies the apparel worn by the team at each Grand Prix during the Formula One season as well as any other apparel and luggage that the team may require during their travels.
      Chelsea Football Club
      Hackett’s sponsorship of Chelsea Football Club was dubbed as “a natural fit for two iconic London organizations”. The brand took over dressed the first-team squad, management and coaching staff in formal wear that is posh and very British. Did you know that the team’s football outfits are coincidentally in Hackett’s colors?

        Looking Your Best for All Occasions with Hackett Singapore

        If you are a man looking for fashionable clothing that will not go out of style, then Hackett has everything you need. Impress your boss (or even your date!) with Hackett Formal Wear that can be paired with Hackett Jewellery and Hackett Shoes. If you can’t afford to change your whole wardrobe, but need something fashionable anyway, then try out the belts located at Hackett Accessories that is versatile and stylish. Look your best effortlessly with Hackett’s simple, classy clothing and accessories.

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