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As a more effective way of styling your hairstyle with relative ease, hair wax is your answer to prevent any bad hair day. Read more about hair care styling wax below to find out or check out the best selection of hair wax from the biggest brands online.

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Fisticuffs Original Mustache Styling Wax
S$ 16.00

🎁 FREE Local Singpost Normal Postage ✔️ First time on Shopee? Use a discount code PicodiNEW7 during checkout to enjoy $7 OFF. One time use only. [• Discount codes •] See latest codes listed on our profile page [ PRODUCT DESCRIPTION ] > Conditions and Styles Mustache and Beard > Very Pleasant scent (2 different scent choices) > Leaves Mustache Healthy and Shiny > Alcohol-free so Muslims can wear to prayers Contents: 15g 15 grams scented Fisticuffs Mustache Wax hand poured into a vintage slide top locking tin Directions: Apply pinkie size amount on both sides of moustaches and pull it through your moustache until transparent. Rub it evenly and work it throughly onto mustache or beard, then style with comb or brush. Apply 2-4 times daily. Scents: ♨️Bay rum vanilla ♨️Original scent Ingredients: Beeswax, Tee tree oil, Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Some essential oils, Petroleum jelly 🚨[ HOW TO ORDER ]🚨 - Click On BUY NOW button - Select Shipping (registered mail recommended) - PAY with Credit/Debit card for instant verification 📬 [ Select Shipping on Check-Out ] 📬 1. Normal Mail + No Tracking (3-5 biz days) 2. Registered Mail + Tracking (1-2 biz days) 3. Other logistics options (Selfcollection/Courier) 💭Note 1: ❌Cash-on-Delivery is NOT available, all transactions must be paid on Shopee. 💭Note 2: By not upgrading to other delivery mode, your item will be mailed by Singpost normal mail and it does not come with any tracking and insurance. 💭Note 3: Selfcollection please hit CHAT to inform seller Selfcollection point: Blk 503 Hougang Ave 8 (S530503) ✅Terms & Conditions By opting for normal postage, we are not liable for any lost mail. We strongly encourage buyers to select Registered mail with covered insurance for lost mail giving you a peace of mind.

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How to Style Your Hair Using Hair Wax

Even when you have the best hair, you should not waste it because you can always style them to achieve better hairstyles! The power of hair wax is incredible as it can transform your hair in countless ways. Obviously, the hair wax can accentuate your hairstyle or transform your look. When you learn to use hair wax, it can be both fun and flexible at the same time since you do not have to be "stuck" with the same, boring look whenever you go out. As you are striving to get the best version of hairstyle every morning, the hair wax is your answer to your everyday need.

Choose A Good Brand of Styling Wax

Given the fact that there is a huge variety of hair wax products in the market, it can be very difficult in getting the one that you can trust for life. When perfecting your look, you do not have the luxury of enduring trial and error in getting your desired hairstyle. You might face embarrassment or frustration when getting the wrong hairstyle. Needless to say, you cannot afford any second chance when styling your hair. Yet, there is a hope to this problem. You just need a reliable hair wax in achieving your desired look. These are trusted brand names in the realm of hair wax:

  • Bioaqua
  • Cabs Professional
  • Feazac
  • Gatsby
  • Giovanni

Style with Confidence

As mentioned earlier, hair wax is simply incredible when you know how to use it. You can use it to style your bangs, tousle your hair, control your hair volume or even shaping your own facial hair. Generally, the hair wax works so well with short or medium length hair length.

When it comes to styling your bangs, you just need to separate your bangs and hair. As you split them, you can then begin to manipulate the shape of your bang. Whether you want to swoop, spike or straighten your bangs, the choice is yours to make. Styling with hair wax has never been this simple. As for the "undone look", all you need to do is just spread your hair wax throughout your hair and then tousle it. You will also need the right comb for each hairstyle with the use of wax.

Empowering Your Hair Like Never Before

Ever heard of rough hair day? Or waking up on the wrong side of the bed? It seems that most people always associate your hair with your well-being. After all, your hair is one of the first things that people notice when seeing you. In a simpler term, people will see you as confident and charming when you possess beautiful and healthy hairstyle.