The best way to get organized today is to get shelves in Singapore. Find out more about how you can get the best shelves in Singapore and how to DIY them here.

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A guide to (DIY) choosing and fixing shelves

Have you ever visited friends’ homes and thought the layout and workmanship of the shelves were incredibly organized, but later found out they did it themselves? Would you like to do the same?

We all know that professional shelf organization and installation in Singapore would cost an arm and a leg. Even so, if you have the money to do it, you may not have the satisfaction that comes with doing it yourself (DIY). For those who opt to DIY, here’s a simple guide to choosing and effectively fixing shelves for home and office.

Choosing the right shelf

Types of shelves

Before you dive into organizing your space, you need to know what your options are. To start off, here are some types of shelves you can choose from:

  • Bookshelf
  • Kitchen wall shelf
  • Wooden shelf
  • Shoe racks
  • Bathroom corner rack
  • Microwave oven shelf
  • Hairdryer rack
  • Dish rack

Often, we find that the incorrect use of space is a direct result of trying to use the same storage space for too many different items. For example, one might store food items, cutlery, and dishes on a dish rack, causing it to be overcrowded. Remember that each type of rack is catered for a specific purpose. So it is best to get a rack for each type of item in the house or office.

Amount of space

The type of rack you install ultimately depends on the amount of space you can allocate for storage. Most people have too much stuff to keep on racks or shelves. So the best thing to do is to dispose of your unwanted stuff. Once you’ve got only the necessities, consider how much space they need. If we’re talking about kitchen storage, you will need a variety of storage sizes: for dishes, condiments, and utensils mostly.

For the bedroom, you will need a multi-sized clothing shelf or a variety of shelves of different sizes. The varying sizes mean that you can put in folded clothes as well as hang up your ironed shirts/dresses. Also, consider coat racks for larger clothes. Bathrooms also are easily organized with the proper use of shelves. Use bathroom racks such as the bathroom corner storage rack with suction for easy removal. Go ahead and arrange all your shower supplies on it. Office storage requires similar sets of rules, but you may not have the creativity element to play around with (which brings us to our next point)

Design & creativity

When looking for storage shelves and racks for your home, consider the design and colour. Incorporate the creativity factor into every shelf you purchase. You can either choose a shape and size that conforms to its surroundings or choose one that stands out. For colour, white and black is a sure way to keep things neutral. Go vibrant with a combination of bright and dark colours.

Overall, the type of shelves you choose determine how organized you are.