Looking for something to add character to your home? Why not add hallway stands? Check out the selection of plant stands and umbrella stands to give your home some personality. Find out more here.

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How to decorate your hallway with the perfect stands

So you’ve got a house. Now it’s time to decorate. The best place to start is the hallway and doorstep. First impressions in a home are made when a person steps through your door and into the hallway. Granted some entrances of homes in Singapore open straight into the living room of the house, you may need to arrange your décor setup accordingly. You can start by strategically putting stands and racks for your hallway. Here are two types of stands you can place in your hallway and their functions.

Plant stands

If you’ve ever walked into a greenhouse and been mesmerized by the bright sight of green plants, you need plants in your hallway ASAP. Indoor plants can work wonders for your home. Besides making the interior more livable, plants also help to cleanse the air of tiny debris and pollutants. Instead of spending so much on an ionizer, use plants to clean the air.

That said, you will need plant stands to setup your green organisms. The variety of plant stands available in today’s market is huge. You can find stands that stretch almost up to the height of the ceiling, while others are low. Some are made to accommodate one potted plant while others can fit up to 5 different pots of plants. It is important to choose a colour of plant stand that matches your living room and hallway wall. You can customize plant stands to fit into your outside furniture too! How cool is that? Place them out in your garden as added art and to give a sense of royal décor.

Umbrella stands

You may not think much of umbrella stands during the hot season. But during the monsoon season, you know you need one. Umbrella stands have one job and one job only – to hold umbrellas while you are indoors. There are other types of umbrella stands made for those gigantic patio umbrellas. But the most commonly used umbrella stands would be those we find at the doorstep of homes. These little stands come in either a box shape with outlets to insert your umbrella or as an open-top cylinder vase/bucket that holds all your protective gear.

For the larger patio umbrellas, you will need to place them strategically outside on, well, your patio or garden. Incredibly handy, these large umbrellas protect you from the heat and rain when you’re enjoying some fresh air.

Now that you’ve got two essential items for your hallway, front yard, and backyard, it’s time to get shopping. Shopping online for this type of furniture is the best way to go. You can compare prices, read user reviews, as well as find the suitable sizes based on measurements from the merchandise above. What are you waiting for? Get your hallway stands today! Decorate your home with the best furniture online such as chairs, shelves, shoe racks, and so much more!