Hailing all the way from South Korea, Happycall incorporates innovative technologies and revolutionary design, and high-quality material into its kitchen products, making sure they are convenient and safe to use at all times. Browse our collection of kitchen appliances including pots and pans from Happycall Singapore below.


A Guide to Buying HappyCall Cookware in Singapore

Double Pan

From cooking omelettes and teriyaki beef to roasted chicken and stove-top popcorn, this sturdy Happycall pan takes minimal time to cook food without causing any spillage or leaving behind an unbearable odour. Made of FDA-approved, patented silicon seal, the pan is great at retaining heat and moisture for quick, juicy, and tender food.

Another handy design that’s seen as thoughtful with this pan is its strong magnetic handle that keeps food in place when you flip the pan around. It’s an absolute must-have for those who wish to spend less time cooking and cleaning in the kitchen. With this double pan, there’s no need for scrubbing and laying baking soda mixture to rest overnight, thanks to its 3-layer nonstick ceratinum coating that allows food residues to come off easily.

Diamond Nonstick Pan & Wok

Ranging from 9 inches to 13 inches, the interior of Happycall Diamond Pan and Wok is coated with 5 layers of diamond nonstick coating while the exterior is coated with eco-friendly porcelain, both of which make the cleaning and cooking process hassle-free. When cooking an omelette, for instance, the nonstick surface allows the omelette to slide or flip easily without the help of a spatula. It goes to show how less likely it is for food to stick on the surface of the diamond pan.

Since both the diamond pan and wok are made with forged aluminium, the material allows heat to be evenly distributed, meaning there won’t be any hot spots or burned patches. They are suitable for cooking on an electric hob, gas hob, and vitroceramic hob. In terms of family cooking with a Happycall wok, we recommend the 13” Diamond Party Wok for a family of 5 or more.

Hard-Anodized Ceramic Pot

Adopting aerospace technology known as Alumite or Hard-Anodizing that creates corrosion resistance, the Happycall Hard-Anodized Ceramic Pot is durable and rigid yet lightweight. With an eco-friendly ceramic exterior and ripple pattern design at the bottom, this pot achieves thermal efficiency and is resistant to scratches. What makes this Happycall pot so versatile is that it is safe in the oven with a temperature of up to 204°C without a lid. When cooking soup, steaming or braising a certain dish, the pot’s self-standing tempered glass lid helps to protect any liquid from flowing out. This is thanks to its wide steam vent that prevents the lid from rattling and letting food boil over.

All the aforementioned Happycall products require less to no oil when cooking, making them safe, easy, and healthy to use. Besides being able to stand the test of time, Happycall products come at a very affordable price when they go on sale.

If you’re relocating soon and in need of a new set of cookware, we highly recommend getting Happycall Diamond 11” Frypan & Wok Set or Happycall 7pc Everyday Cookware Set that caters to all sorts of cooking needs.

Here is a price list of popular Happycall products in Singapore for reference:

Happycall Cookware Price in Singapore

Happycall Product



Happycall Double Pan

S$ 52.90


Happycall Alumite Ceramic Pot (5-pot Set)

S$ 230.00


Happycall Snack Pan/Brunch Pan

S$ 100.00


Happycall Diamond Wok 24cm

S$ 68.00


Happycall Diamond Pan 24cm

S$ 40.00