Do you recall the rumbling sound you heard when a group of bikers zoomed past your car? Were you intimidated? Did the sound stir your soul? The most likely reaction would be one of shock and awe, turning to immediate desire to own one of those powerful machines. That is the impact created by Harley-Davidson rides for all, especially Malaysian men. Find out more about what makes Harley-Davidson bikes so awesome here.

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What Makes Harley-Davidson Such An Iconic Motorcycle

The King of Bikes as it is called, Harley-Davidson is the biggest brand of large bikes in the world. Known to be one of the leading motorcycle technology that first came out in the world, Harley-Davidson has a huge history to back up its name. Today, the brand is huge even in Singapore as it has sparked groups of large biker gangs and enthusiasts. Read more to know what makes the brand such an iconic motorcycle.

Harley-Davidson History – The Birth of Motoring Genius

In the 1900s, a young man by the name of William S Harvey created a blue print for a motorised engine to fit onto a bicycle. That very blue print marked the beginning of the Harley-Davidson Bike. Harvey then formed a partnership with Arthur Davidson, his childhood friend and officially set up the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle and built the first Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Their first motorcycle was a success as it won its first motorcycle race in 1905. The winning streak kept on for five years in all motorcycle races including speed, hill climb, and endurance. Harley-Davidson garnered a lot of attention and was among the pioneer in the motor sport at that time.

The brand continued to expand with its first production site on Juneau Avenue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Their motorbikes were so popular and practical that the local police department started to use them to have an upper hand over criminals in a shorter time. Harley-Davidson bikes were such a good mode of transportation that during the World War I the brand supplied the arm forces with about 20,000 bikes.

Expert Innovations in The Motorcycle World

Harley-Davidson or more commonly called Harley invented the 74cu in. V-Twin Engine in 1922 and it became the heart of the fastest motorbike in the market. The engine was a revolutionary start in the motorcycle industry, which will then lead to a continued lineup of major motorised engine breakthrough by the American brand. Among the most famous models of Harley include the limited EL model bike called the Knucklehead (only 9,812 were produced); the Panhead created for its fans (31,163 were made) and the popular Harley Sportster (created in 1957).

Harley Sportster, also known as Sporty with its signature design and classical looks has also remained as the brand’s fixed model. The newest Sportster models today include the Iron 883 and the 1200 Custom.

New Thrills With Every Ride

The brand has never been subtle, with its notoriously noisy motorcycles, the brand holds on to its slogan "Screw It. Let's Ride". Masculine and "manly" were traditionally associated with the Hogs (the brand’s enthusiastic fans) but the brand has also come up with several models that appeal to their female fans, which is about 10,000 women yearly in the US with its Garage Parties, designed to expose female riders about the basics of its mechanics and riding instructions.

Among the feminized models include Street 500 and Street 750 but these female Hogs have been with the brand much earlier and are comfortable riding the usual FatBoy models, the big bike popularised by Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator. These women have definitely taken the step to go against the social norms by riding their Harleys as they also want to experience the freedom offered by these loud Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Harley-Davidson’s Long List of Fans

Captain America rode a modified Softail Cross Bones in The First Avenger series, the bike also became part of the movie’s promotional video further enhancing the bike as part of Captain America’s identity. Next, we have the bike in action, chasing and riding through a college library! Sounds familiar? Yes! It’s from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Mutt Williams (Shia LaBeouf) hulled Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) at the back of his Springer Softail Classic. Then, a crazy chase scene across the Marshall College campus ensued, ending with a bike ride through the college library. Not forgetting the flaming and monstrous machine of the Ghostrider and the ride of heavyweight boxing champion Rambo in Rambo III were also models of Harvey Davidson.

Don’t Have A Ride Yet? Get A Piece of The Brand First

We have to admit that owning a Harley-Davidson may take some time, it’s a luxurious motorcycle brand after all that offers not only a sweet ride but also a whole ton of culture and pride. So, why not get some of the brand’s merchandise online with extra discounts to savor some of the brand’s legendary culture like a piece of the vintage bags, clothing such as jackets, automotive tools, and toys.