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Harman Kardon in Singapore: Top Notch Audio Technology

Harman Kardon is the leading brand of audio system, making sounds seem beautiful, which can be appreciated not just by listening but also through its revolutionary design and engineering. Its design plays a major role in moulding their products to perfection. Providing top notch functionality and form.

History of Harman Kardon

In 1953, Sidney Harman, one of the founders of this brand, was a general manager for a leading public address system manufacturer. On the other hand, his co-founder Bernard Kardon also worked for the same company, as the Chief Engineer. The two resigned from the company on the same year with only $5,000 each at hand. They were able to maximize their remaining funds and invested it, bringing to life the brand Harman Kardon in that same year.

During its rise in 1950, Harman Kardon launched is first every high fidelity audio product that kicked off the Hi Fi business. They managed to device a product that combined tuners, amplifiers and power amplifiers in a form of Integrated Receivers. In 1954, Harman Kardon created the first ever AM/FM Compact Hi Fi Receiver. In 1956, co-founder Bernard Kardon retired and sold his share to Sidney Harman, leaving the latter the sole owner of the Brand. He continued to lead HK and become the world's leading Hi-Fi brand. In 1969, HK bought the company JBL, a leading manufacturer of speakers.

Apparently, Harman Kardon sold the company to Beatrice food back in 1976, when he supported Jimmy Carter's bid to Presidency in the US. He sold it for $100 Million. Later on he regained ownership of the HK and bought it for $55 Million. At present, it's being handled by Dinesh Paliwal, the company's current CEO. Sidney Harman retired in 2007 and died in 2011.

Harman Kardon in Singapore Products

Harman Kardon is not just a leading brand when it comes to car audio system, they also lead in the field of audio electronic products. They have a wide array of headphones and speakers, designed for your every multimedia need, even gaming.


In today's time, everything has gone wireless. And yes, even headphones. Harman Kardon offers a wide array of wireless products, ranging from multimedia speakers to headphones. Redefining the way music should be played. Harman Kardon Go allows you to play music wirelessly while on the go!


From ear buds to over ear and on ear headphones, Harman Kardon's earphones are made to deliver rich sound with high tech performance, while perfectly providing a comfortable fit.


Harman Kardon redefined the way audio system should be. With their state of the art speakers, music can be enjoyed in every corner of your home with just a click of a button.

Their speakers range from Home Theatre System, Computer Speaker, Sound bars to Portable Docks. Harman Kardon Speakers are basically their most standout line of products.

Receivers x Amplifiers

First up, their receivers - they're simply perfect for audio and video enthusiasts. Harman Kardon's receivers provide a powerful 5.1, 7.1 and 7.2 Channels, paired with on the go features like Bluetooth & Airplay. Also, its video projector feature is easily convertible with its HDMI port.

Harman Kardon's amplifiers are the bomb! Maximize your home audio sound with their Integrated stereo receiver, offering a 2 channel system with analogue, digital and networking featuring.

Car Audio

Car audio system is an essential car accessory that puts life into your drive, especially during those long ones. That is why, most people invest so much money in their audio system. Top car manufacturers today throw in the mix a complete car experience by getting the most out of their audio system. Harman Kardon automotive audio will surely provide a complete and outstanding driving sensation.

Automotive Partners

It cannot be denied that Harman Kardon's car audio system works perfectly well with the sound of many top of the line cars. It's just distinctly good and different. The reason behind such innovation is because they don't just develop these audio system for their partners, Harman Kardon develops it with them. There's a big difference.

One major factor of its huge success worldwide is its partnership with some of well known car brands, which are looked up to by everyone in the world:

  • BMW
  • Chrysler
  • Dodge
  • Jeep
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Mini Cooper
  • SRT
  • Subaru
  • Volvo

Innovative Technology

Aside from the design and engineering that made Harman Kardon audio system spew high quality rich sounds, its audio innovations also play a major role in pushing that further into a whole new level. Some of its ground breaking technology are the following:


An equalizing software developed by Harman Kardon, provided the best audio experience even in the most challenging sonic environments. It's developed particularly for in car audio coordination.

Loudspeaker Technology

Harman Kardon tailor fits its premium sound system to every car model. They provide an optimal integration of their top of the class audio system and fine tune it accordingly until they achieve an optimum sound experience best suited for a car model.