When you’re just a new mom or dad, the first few things you buy for your newborns are their bottles, clothes, and baby formula. However, there are other baby care items you need to have on hands to make sure your babies are healthy from head to toe. Find out what essential newborn baby care items you need to get in the article here.


4 Essential Items for Newborn Baby Care in Singapore

Being new parents to a newborn baby can be quite a handful. There are so many things that new parents need to pay attention to like their baby’s dental health, nail care, skin care, and so on. Taking care of your newborns can be made easier when you have the right tools to so we’ve listed down 4 essential newborn baby care items that all parents need to have to make parenting a little bit easier.

Sun Protection

Kids and adults are not the only ones who need an effective sun care product to protect their skin from the harsh UV rays. While it’s good to take your newborn babies out to get the much-needed sunlight, you also have to protect them from potential sunburns and sun damage. Fortunately, there are baby sunscreens made specifically for newborns and infants available in the market today. Some of the most popular baby sunscreen brands are Aveeno, Lancaster, California Baby, Badger, and Neutrogena.


Newborn babies won’t start growing their teeth until at least 3 months old but it’s better to be prepared beforehand. When their teeth are growing, your little ones will have the urge to bite into everything they could get their hands on and mouths around. To avoid having your baby biting into hazardous things, consider getting them some teethers. Teethers come in all shapes and designs but the majority of them are all made with silicone, rubber, plastic, or wood. Not to worry though, they are all made without phthalate or BPA.


Thermometers are crucial during the first few months after your newborn baby was welcomed into the world. This is because during the first months after your baby was born they are the most vulnerable to illnesses and ailments. You can catch early signs of fevers by using a thermometer specifically made for babies. Brands like Bremed, Beurer, Sinma, Prado, and Oem all offer these kinds of thermometers, safe and easy to use for your babies. They are not intrusive and safe when you put the tool in their ears or mouths.

Nail Cutters

Not only do a baby’s teeth grow fast but their nails do, as well. It can be hazardous if you don’t clip their nails regularly as your child can easily scratch and harm themselves. There are steps that you can take to properly trim your baby’s nail like clipping the nails when they’re soft after a warm bath or clipping them when they’re asleep. Nevertheless, you need a good-quality nail cutter to be able to do that. Consider getting the nail clippers from Bluelans or Crystal to safely clip your baby’s nails.