Make your baby’s bath time extra fun with bubble bath and wash in Singapore. Click here to learn about creating the perfect baby bath for your baby.


How to create the perfect bubble bath for your baby

A great way to spend time and keep your baby happy during bath time is with lots and lots of bubbles. Bubble bath and wash in Singapore is a fantastic way to make sure your baby gets to fully enjoy his/her bath experience. These products are generally gentle on the baby’s skin and eyes as it is formulated with mild ingredients that gently cleanse the baby’s skin, leaving it feeling soft and smelling fresh. Here are some ways that you can create the perfect bubble bath for your baby.

Temperature of the water

One of the most important aspects for your baby to enjoy a bubble bath is the temperature of the water. The water should be comfortably warm, but not hot. The ideal temperature for the water to be is 37 degrees Celcius and make sure to keep checking it to prevent it from cooling down further. To accurately test the water temperature, you may utilize a thermometer. However, if you do not own one, test the temperature with your elbow to make sure the water is not too hot.

Amount of bubbles

To create enough bubbles for your baby to enjoy, firstly squeeze a good amount of bubble wash into the water. Leave the bath to run while leaving the product to swirl in it for roughly half a minute. It should be a ratio of 20:80 of bubbles to water. If you want extra bubbles, swirl your hands around in the bath.

Prepare bath toys

To make the bubble bath extra fun for your baby, prepare plenty of bath toys. The classic rubber duck is always a hit with babies. You may also have an underwater themed bubble bath. Be creative as possible with other themes so that your baby can thoroughly enjoy the experience. Another great idea is to play ‘bubble salon’ where you can create various bubble hairstyles such as Mohawks, long beards and much more.

Bathing your baby

Although a bubble bath is fun, spend some time to properly bath your baby as well. Place a blob of bubble bath wash on a sponge or soft cloth and apply directly to the baby’s skin. You may want to pour warm water to prevent your baby from getting too cold. While scrubbing, you can also sing a song to calm your baby down.

After bath

If possible, keep the room warm so that your little one will not get too cold when he/she gets out from the bath. Wrap your baby in a hooded towel to keep so that he/she feels nice and cosy.

Other tips for the perfect bubble bath

For newborns and babies up to six months old, the bath should be filled with roughly 5 inches of water. For slightly older babies, the water can be waist high. Moreover, always be reminded that to never leave your baby unattended in the bath.

For preventive measures, keep your baby safe at all times in a bath with non-slip mats, seats, and healthcare kits.