Sure, you can always bathe your little ones in a bathtub but what if your bathroom doesn’t come with one? It’s best to purchase a separate baby bathtub specifically made for your little ones. Read the guide here to know more about baby bathtubs.

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How to Bathe Your Baby Using Bathtubs in Singapore

A baby needs as many showers and baths as adult humans but it can be quite challenging to safely give your little ones a bath, especially if they’re still quite young. It is recommended that you get a baby bathtub to ease this process, especially if you don’t have a built-in bathtub in your bathroom.

Why You Should Get a Baby Bathtub

Baby bathtubs are portable, easy to carry, affordable, and safe to be used for babies of any age. Although babies don’t have to be bathed every day, you would still need to give them a bath once every 2 to 3 weeks. They can also last for years so if you’re planning to build a big family, you can always reuse the baby bathtubs or hand it down to a relative.

Selecting the Baby Bathtub

There are many different types and shades of baby bathtubs that you can choose from. Generally, baby bathtubs are equipped with ridges on the bottom so it can have a better grip on the slippery bathroom floor. Other types of bathtub also include the hammock or sling type that you can attach on the baby bathtub to hold the baby safely above the tub.

What to Do Before the Bath

To begin bathing your little ones, you must first prepare all the bathing essentials. Other than the baby bathtub, you would need a soap or shampoo that is safe for babies and newborns, a towel, a sponge or washcloth, a small bucket or cup to rinse you baby with, and prepare the clean clothes and diaper so you can dress your little ones right away after the bath.

Get your baby bathtubs ready; it’s better if you clean the bathtubs beforehand if it’s your first time using it. Fill the baby bathtub with lukewarm water, filling the tub halfway. For newborn babies, the tub should only be filled less than half-full (5cm of water). To check if the temperature of the water is not too cold or too hot, test the water on your wrist or the inside of your elbow.

Using the Baby Bathtub

After you have everything prepared, it’s time to give your baby a proper bath in the baby bathtub. Place one arm under your baby’s head for support and the other under their buttocks. Always keep one hand under your baby at all times and do not leave them in the water unintended. Use the washcloth or sponge to gently rinse and wash them, starting from the head. Be careful not to get any water or soap residue in their eyes, nose, or mouth. After you’re done bathing them, quickly dry them thoroughly and dress them up.