Looking for a skincare brand that is out of this world? Then, check out Hera! A K-beauty brand that has received many awards for its innovative beauty products, Hera has everything you need to achieve that flawless skin your heart so desires! Click here to learn more about the brand or scroll down to browse through the products.


Hera Singapore: The Epitome of Beauty

Hera Singapore: For Asian Beauties

Other than delivering hot K-pop idols for the world to admire, South Korea is also known for its abundance of awesome K-beauty brands. Not surprising as Koreans place a huge importance on having flawless skin. Among the various beauty brands that it has, we will be drawing your attention to Hera.

Hera first came into being in 1995 when global beauty brands broke into the Korean market. Its slogan was “a woman with allure” and it draws its inspiration from Seoulista (South Korea’s version of the Parisienne and New Yorker), a Korean woman who has captivated “the world with her confidence, dignity, boundless passion and beauty”.

Hera has since grown into a leading prestige beauty brand in the world. Its implementation of cutting edge technology and research into its products has made the brand well known even beyond the borders of South Korea. The brand has received many awards for its innovative skincare and cosmetics products. Satisfy all your beauty needs with Hera’s awesome products for flawless skin that will never age!

Hera Singapore: Mizium of Beauty

Hera’s history is deeply steeped in the research of cell activities and bioactive substances. This research has enabled the brand to produce some of the best beauty products that world has ever seen! Its combination of beauty and science has made the brand able to learn more about the skin and develop its products accordingly. Among the various products that the brand has to offer, here are a few that we feel are worthy of your notice:

  • Hera Kathano Cream: A cream that treats skin that has become saggy, dull, wrinkly, dry and full of blemishes. This cream contains apple stem cell that would repair the skin and restore it to its youthful look. Other than that, the cream won its first award (the German IF Design Award) in 2006 and has gone on to win other awards since then.
  • Hera Age Away Modifier LX: An anti-wrinkle serum that is part of the famous Hera Age Away line of products. The product contains highly-concentrated ABcell LX™ (the skin cell mimetic) that helps with skin regeneration and care for aging skin.
  • Hera Rouge Holic Lipstick: A smooth lipstick that comes in rich colours. The lipstick glides on smoothly, feels moist and last long on the lips! Not only that, the packaging of the lipstick looks very sophisticated and its colour array is great for matured, stylish women.
  • Hera UV Mist Cushion: A foundation that is available in the cushion compact type of package that seems to be trending among beauty bloggers around the world. The Hera UV Mist Cushion formula is lightweight and very moisturizing for the skin. Apart from that, the foundation also brightens up and enhances one’s skin tone for a beautiful, flawless, translucent complexion.
  • Hera Hyaluronic Ampoule: It is an ampoule that moisturizes and lifts the skin with the use of concentrated hyaluronic acid. It also helps with making the skin firm and radiant, promoting a healthy glow that will draw the eye of everyone around you.
  • Hera Age Reverse Cushion: It is a cushion-type foundation that contains anti-aging properties. Other than providing a more even skin tone before you apply the rest of your makeup, the Hera Age Reverse Cushion contains Omni Veil Technology that can help to cover up signs of aging while filling the skin texture to give your skin a firm, supple and smooth look. Like most other foundations, this cushion foundation gives you protection against the sun.
  • Hera Squeeze Mascara: A mascara that is resistant to tears, oil and smudging! The squeeze-type design of the products ensures that the mascara is kept fresh from the first use until the very end. The formula of the mascara is rich while the design of the brush ensures precision when applying the mascara.
  • Hera Sun Matte Essence Gel: Having fair skin is the ultimate dream of most Asians. Which is why Hera came up with the Sun Matte line of products that helps protect your skin from harsh UV rays. The Hera Sun Matte Essence Gel contains all the benefits of sun block. The difference is that it applies like a moisturizing essence and dries without leaving any white cast of its presence.

Hera Singapore: For Exceptional Beauty

Unleash your confidence and inner beauty with Hera’s beauty products that would not only take care of your skin, but also enhance your natural beauty. If you are interested in other K-beauty products, then check out the following brands!