The world of fashion is always mesmerizing, especially when you come to think about how a bag says a lot about one’s social status more obviously than any other factor. In the jungle of designer bags, Hermes scored a grandiose position for the most iconic brand thanks to its luxurious bags collections. Check them all out here.


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Hermes Bags – The dream of every woman

This French designer house is agreeably the envy of all the world as no one, even the non-fashion followers, would not be able to name the brand’s iconic bags. No matter where you are in the world, you will surely be able to spot a Hermes bag on the street. The impeccably fine leather design that’s not only long lasting but also elegant without being too flashy indeed has given this simple accessory a new definition. Most importantly, Hermes bags look stunning from every angle. You don’t need to wear any jewellery at all for this bag is already the spot light of your outfit and it also helps to bring out the essence of your style effortlessly.

The price of a Hermes bag is justified by its perfection even in the smallest detail. There is no mechanical use in the making process of a bag. The superb craftsmanship is everything that Hermes is famous for. Furthermore, the brand uses only the finest materials like box calf leather and real crocodile leather with the embellishment of diamonds and gold to create that fancy look on top of the timeless design. It is truly the holy grail of the world of designer bags.

Top 5 Hermes bags that are worth investing in

The best thing about Hermes bags is that they come in plenty of styles and designs to fit with all characters, men and women alike. You can never go out of style with a bag from Hermes. Check out our top 5 collections below.

Hermes Kelly Bag

This collection is recognized as Hermes’s most classical design. It is simple and versatile at its best and the bag has got the name from princess Grace Kelly. The Kelly edition offers extra stylish while not compromising on the functionality aspect with stiff structure and an elegant handle besides a single strap for hand-free carrying. If you are looking for the first Hermes bag, Kelly bag would be a good choice.

Hermes Birkin Bag

A classic Birkin is always the dream of all Hermes fans and it is certainly the benchmark of luxuriousness in the lavish world. This bag is somewhat similar to the Kelly design, except without the strap but it is made up with a simple top zipper closure for easy access to your belongings. Hermes Birkin bag is also the iconic creation that helped to set new standards for designer bags.

Hermes Shoulder Birkin

Inspired by the original Birkin bag, this special edition offers a bit more uniqueness with a shrunken version that looks exceptionally petite when carry on your shoulder. So if you don’t want to draw too much attention but still look effortlessly glorious, then this bag is just perfect for you.

Hermes Constance Elan

There is nothing more captivating than an elegant sling bag that bears the iconic H clasp. The Constance Elan is without doubt the best adornment for the minimalistic when it comes to style. You won’t be able to get your eyes off this sexy yet exquisite Hermes design.

Hermes Garden Party

If you think the Kelly or Birkin bag is way too over budget for a daily accessory, you will love the Garden Party collection for sure. The price tag of this bag is less terrifying yet its beauty is just as desirable as any other Hermes’ creation. It offers a soft leather feel without a structure for extra capacity, suitable for everyday use.

We all are fans of Hermes, that is for sure. To help you to achieve that Hermes dream, we have collected the top bags collections at awesome deals for you right here on iprice. Choose one (or more) Hermes companion everywhere you go for an instant confidence boost to achieve more greatness in life.