Colouring is one of the activities that almost everyone did as a kid. Adults too can enjoy this activity with colouring books in Singapore. Click here to learn about the therapeutic benefits it can bring.


Therapeutic benefits of colouring books

Colouring may seem like a childish activity; however, it is proven to be beneficial for adults. Similar to meditation, this activity helps generate a person’s well-being, quietness, and mindfulness. This is because; the repetitive patterns such as Mandalas have repetitive patterns that can allow someone to experience mindfulness as well as reach a meditative state. It is no wonder colouring books in Singapore are becoming more and more popular among adults. Here are some of the therapeutic benefits colouring books can bring.

Colouring helps to de-stress

Carl Jung was one of the earliest scientists to study the therapeutic benefits of colouring. The Mandalas pattern in particular which is made up of concentric circles and geometric is found out to help Jung’s patients to become calmer and less stressed.

Colouring helps to activate the brain

Based on psychologist Gloria Martinez Ayala’s findings, the action of colouring itself involves both logic and creativity. The way logic works is that for certain shapes or patterns, we tend to pick up specific colours for it, thus, this activates the analytical part of the brain. In contrast, the creative side of our brain is activated through mixing and matching the colours. Therefore, logic and creativity incorporate both areas of the cerebral cortex which is in charge of controlling vision as well as with coordination and fine motor skills.

Colouring brings back childhood memories

The childhood days are the stress-free days. This is the reason why that when adults colour they are transported back to the good ol’ days of being a child. Being able to relive one's childhood helps a person to feel relaxed, optimistic, and energetic.

Colouring is similar to meditation

Meditation helps to reduce the chatter of a restless mind and relaxes a person through the method of ‘de-concentrating’. Alternatively, the colouring motion that is done on various patterns helps induce a similar meditative state. Moreover, it keeps a person focused on the present moment exactly like meditation.

Colouring helps reduce anxiety

Anxiety is a common mental condition and if not taken care of, it may induce panic attacks and other symptoms like excessive worrying, nausea, headaches, etc. Many therapists recommend colouring to their patients as it helps them to express themselves artistically and creatively helping them go into a deeper relaxed state.

Colouring helps adults re-discover themselves

Often times, adults find themselves getting stuck in a rut working at a 9 to 5 job. Colouring is one method that helps break the routine of life itself, making them feel more comfortable and relaxed after a long day of work. On the other hand, this activity helps one to be with their thoughts and many have successfully rediscovered themselves through colouring.

Colouring is an inexpensive activity

Colouring books are relatively inexpensive and it would be beneficial for those who are unable to afford therapy. These books can be easily found in many bookstores and there are even printable versions available online.

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