Magazines are short and light forms of reading that are easier to read through. There are a wide variety of magazines that specifically cater to many different fields of interests. These magazines have an assortment of articles that cover that specific field of interest. Read more about them here.

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Entertainment in a book

When it comes to reading, some may prefer books that either contains a very meaningful biography or a legendary epic such as the great Lord of the Rings; but there are others who prefer something much lighter and easier to consume. This type of light reading comes in the form of magazines.

Magazines are simply smaller publications that are released periodically, either weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or annually. Magazines usually also target a specific audience or field in which the enthusiasts or readers can opt for instead of scouring many other media forms for their source of information. News about these specific fields and interests are also covered by the magazines.

Unlike a novel and similarly to a newspaper, a magazine usually contains an assorted number of articles and photographs that are contributed and done by more than a single author. Also, similarly to written novels and unlike newspapers, most magazine costs are also covered by a purchasing price instead of mostly advertising like newspapers – although there are magazines whose costs are covered by advertising instead.

Sport Magazines in Singapore

Sport magazines cover all sorts of news and information regarding the world of sport. Aside from the sport magazines which cover a wide range of different sports, there are also those that target and cover a more specific sport such as a magazine that is entirely catered towards football enthusiasts and fans or for the basketball enthusiasts.

Science and Education Magazines

These education magazines cover the more factual information in the education or science fields. Information such as the latest discoveries and research or studies are published through these magazines, keeping people who are in the field up to date and also allowing for the interested ones to understand more.

Hobby Magazines

There are various magazines that cater to the many different fields of hobbies. There are magazines out there that are catered towards the model kit communities, the action figure communities, and even those who are into sewing. The many different magazine types are endless and regardless of whatever hobby a person may be in, chances are there is a magazine for them.

Women's Lifestyle

Magazines that mainly touch on the many aspects of a women's life, covering a wide variety of topics from health and fitness to topics such as women in sporting or business trends. The topics covered and articles present in Women's Lifestyle magazines are on a general scale.

Tabloid-styled Magazines

Probably the most iconic style of magazines are the tabloid style magazines which cover many sensational stories and the juiciest of gossips around. The stories and gossip stories in these type of magazines namely revolve around prominent figures such as artists, actors, and even political figures!

Many of these magazines contain many different types of articles. Although they are mainly news-like articles, infographics and how-to's are usually included as well, to provide a variety. Some magazines also come with freebies, most e specially hobby magazines that may come with a kit or a model of sorts.