You will most likely have heard of pop music. Most likely, you hear it every day on the radio! Consistently hitting the top of the charts every week, pop music is one of the most popular music genres in the world! Curious to learn more? Click here or scroll down to learn more about pop music.


What is Pop Music?

Pop music is the genre of music that anyone can enjoy! Typically, pop music is catchy and upbeat, with a tendency to get stuck in your head, which might explain how it gets the most hits and is often topping the charts. Songs that hit the top of the charts are said to all use the same “pop-music formula” which means that it is catchy, with a good rhythm, easy to remember lyrics. Usually, the chorus is repeated often or the lyrics might be easy to sing along to verses about love, romance, and relationships. Pop music’s rise to popularity might have been aided by MTV.

Coming about after the era of rock and roll, pop music is said to have originated in the United States and the United Kingdom during the mid-1950s. “Pop” and “popular” are used in a way that implies that many people consider it to be the same meaning, but popular is often used for other genres of music as well.

Top 5 Pop Music Artists of All Time!

Each list of “top” pop music will be subjected to its own biases, which added in with the fact that pop music has been around for so long that the number of famous pop artists is truly staggering, means that each list will be different. With that said, here are the “Top” 5 most popular pop music artists of all time!

  • Michael Jackson

The undisputed King of Pop, Michael Jackson hit the pop music scene when he was just 11 years old with his brothers in their group Jackson 5. When he reached young adulthood, he released Thriller in the late 1980s, which is considered one of the bestselling albums of all time, and what made him one of the biggest pop stars in his generation.

  • The Beatles

Perhaps the original boy band that started it all, the Beatles are the quintessential pop music group that everyone knows and everyone still talks about. With a decade of top the chart hits from 1960 to 1970, the Beatles influenced the entire pop world with their songs like Hey Jude and A Hard Day’s Night. The best-selling band in history, the Beatles sold an estimated 600 million records worldwide.

  • Madonna

Madonna has won seven Grammy Awards and sold over 300 million records to fans worldwide. In the US, Madonna has released 37 top 10 pop chart toppers and ranks as one of the top dance artists of all time. A member of the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame, she is most well-known for her songs Like a Prayer and Vouge, and she continues to make music today.

  • Elvis Presley

Known as “The King”, Elvis Presley was the one who brought pop music to our attentions and hearts and is as much a cultural icon as a pop sensation. Some of his famous songs are Jailhouse Rock and Heartbreak Hotel, and he recorded over 100 top 400 hits.

  • Taylor Swift

The youngest on this list, Taylor Swift is sometimes called “America’s Sweetheart” and has released some memorable songs like Shake It Off and You Belong with Me. A singer that resonates more with the youth of today, she is one of the most popular singers today and is a holder of more than 5 Grammy awards.