Rocking the world harder before you are born, rock music (pun intended) is one of the most popular music genre of all time. Far from being obsolete, rock music continues to inspire other musicians around the world. This list of different rock music will help you to decide your favorite rock music style. Read more about rock music in Singapore here below to find out more.


Different Styles of Rock Music

From the wildly popular rock and roll music to mostly misunderstood alternative rock, rock music has developed into a range of different styles. Rooted in radical revolt against mainstream society, rock music also serves a vehicle for most cultural and social movements. These are different styles of rock music that have transformed our modern music history.

Classic Rock

As the music that proudly stands the test of time, classic rock will always be around. While most people prefer songs sung by original artists in their own ways, it can be fun and exciting to hear these songs in their classic rock revamped version. It is one of the reasons behind the popularity of modern cover artists who understand the art and science of adapting music in classic rock music. You should check out some of these amazing cover songs made possible by classic rock music.

When you cover classic rock music, it usually means that you can cross this music over to any genre that you desire. A great example of these amazing cover songs is "Landslide" song by Stevie Nicks. Dixie Chics then took this song and it transitioned well into their country or pop genre. In 1999, Dwight Yoakam was successful in converting classic rock music into country. He did this with the song, "Crazy Little Things Called Love" and it was originally sung by Queen back in 1979. It is simply incredible that both versions are actually popular enough to have their own followings.

Alternative Rock

As a style of rock music that comes out from the independent underground music of the 1980s, alternative rock becomes widely known in 1990s. Alternative rock is also a broad umbrella term that consists of music that is different in its sounds, social context, and regional roots. It is also originally associated with a generation of musicians who owe their inspiration to DIY ethos of punk rock from 1970s. In certain times, alternative rock becomes a catch-all description for music from underground rock musicians who earn mainstream recognition. From Nirvana to Coldplay, these are famous alternative bands that have entered the mainstream.

Rock & Roll

With its iconic combination of rhythm, instruments, vocal, and attitude, rock and roll music certainly has a certain feel to it. Magically, all of them can be combined to create the powerful rock and roll music that everyone loves. Since the creation of rock and roll music, it undergoes a natural evolution that redefines some of its own elements.

It begins as a melting of the rhythm and blues and country western genres of the 1940s. The beat of rock and roll music actually comes from a rhythm and blue boogies beat. Eventually, it becomes one of the essential element of rock and roll music with the addition of accented backbeat. Among famous rock and roll artists are Ozzy Osborne, Steven Tyler, and Mick Jagger.