Perhaps the most essential part of any band, bass guitars play an essential role when it comes to harmonizing music and creating that extra groove. Check out the best bass guitars from the biggest brands in Singapore or read more about parts of a bass guitar below.

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Parts of a Bass Guitar

A bass guitar is a stringed instrument with four or six strings that can be plucked, slapped, strummed, and tapped. Bass guitars look almost similar to normal guitars except they have longer necks and thicker string gauges which produce a deep tone that we are all familiar with.

Perhaps the most underrated instrument in a band, a bass plays a huge role in music in ways you would never think of. Bass guitars are like the foundations of a building, if you take them out, the structure crumbles. Bass guitars create a vital link between the drummer and the rest of the band. Bassists are like the glue that sticks the bass drum to the main beat of the music, creating harmony. Bass guitars help reinforce the rhythm of the band, so no matter how good your guitarist is or how many octaves your singer can sing, without a good bass guitar player or a bass guitar, the music would not turn out well.

Before you pick up a bass at your local music shop, the first thing you need to know is its parts in order to determine what type of bass guitar you need. Listed below are four basic bass guitar parts that you should know about.


One of the things that set traditional guitars from bass guitars, bass guitar necks are longer and have wider frets. The neck contains the frets and fretboards, and the headstock with the tuning pegs. The neck takes up more than 50% of the instrument's length, making it the largest part of a bass guitar.


Like the neck, bass guitar strings one of the things that sets traditional guitars apart from bass guitars. Bass guitars usually have four strings but they can come in six or even eight strings. Aside from that, bass guitars also have thicker strings compared to traditional guitars. This stringed instruments are mostly tuned in standard EADG which are like the first four strings of a traditional guitar as well as Drop D. However, bass guitars with more strings follow a different tuning pattern; 5-stringed bass guitar are tuned BEADg while 6-stringed bass guitars follow BEADgc.


Considered as one of the most distinct area of the instrument, the body of a bass guitar contains the pickup, the bridge, volume controls, output jacks, and pick guards. A bass guitar's body is mostly made up of wood such as maple and alder, however, there are some modern bass guitars from synthetic materials like luthlite. A bass' body can come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can also be hollowbody, semi-hollowbody, and solid body which can make a difference in the sound the instrument produces. No type of bass guitar is better than the other, your choice all boils down to your playing style and preference.


Underneath the body are the instrument's pickups. These are rectangular blocks or circles are magnetic which are then converted into electrical signals, and then converted into sound by your amplifier. Without a pickup, your bass guitar could barely be heard. Like an electric guitar, a bass guitar's pickup can also be changed and customized depending on your preference.

While it may sound intimidating bass guitars are great for beginners. Pickup your own bass guitar at iPrice Singapore!