While a lot of people tend to underestimate the importance of electric bass guitars, it does not mean that you should ignore them. In fact, you should take a look at some of the finest designs in the market. Read more about electric bass guitars below to find out.

Yamaha Cristofori Fender Craftsman

What You Need to Know Before Buying an Electric Bass Guitar

One of the most popular jokes about bassists is that nobody loves the bassists. As a matter of fact, the bassists also have this stereotypical reputation since no one actually pays attention to the bass unless you are a bassist yourself. Indeed, the role of the bassist has been compared with the likes of the goalkeepers since people only care about these people when they fail to do their jobs. Despite this, the bassists are important because they anchor the sound and add more flavor to the rhythm in the music. Indeed, this is particularly true when you take a look at every music genre.

Obviously, a great bassist knows the importance of a good electric bass guitar. Whether you are a first-time learner or a seasoned bassist, it definitely helps if you have these bass basics that can guide you when it comes to choosing your electric bass guitar. Hence, this is a simple list of what you need to know before buying an electric bass guitar.

Budget & Intended Purpose

As mentioned earlier, there is a huge selection of electric bass guitars in the market. This simply means that you need to determine your own budget before going to buy a new one. Not just that, you must not forget about electric bass guitar accessories as well when you are going to get an electric bass guitar.

For Beginners

Generally, it is highly recommended for beginners to opt for great "starter" bass guitars because they are very playable and affordable at the same time. While some of them can be lacking especially in terms of hardware and electronic department, they are your best choice because they provide great learning curve. In other words, they definitely will serve the beginners very well during their early stage of learning and performing.

For Seasoned Bassists

Unsurprisingly, a seasoned bassist should be the one that is eyeing on one of the higher-end electric bass guitars because it is definitely a rewarding purchase. As a matter of fact, a higher-quality electric bass guitar certainly offers better performance and lasts longer at the same time. Most importantly, it is able to serve your needs better especially when you desire to push the limit of your ability and performance. Once you have decided your budget and intent for your electric bass guitar, it will be easier for you to get your perfect electric bass guitar.

Types of Bass Necks

Essentially, the bass necks refer to the manner in which the neck attaches to your body. There are generally three types of bass necks:

Bolt-On Neck

The bolt-on neck is one of the most popular bass neck types that you can find in the market. Obviously, it just means that the neck is bolted in contact with the body. As the body keeps the neck stable, it is important to have a strong and solid connection between the body and neck. This will lead to a greater stability, enhanced sustain and better string vibration at the same time.

Thru-Body Neck

Higher-end guitars usually utilize the thru-body neck because it actually acts as a continuous piece through the body. Thanks to such arrangement, you can achieve better response and sustain since there is a lack of joints between the neck and body. In addition, this also means that there is no other obstacles that can hinder effective vibration.

Set Neck

As for the set neck type, it refers to the neck that is attached to the body with dovetail or mortise joint instead of being bolted to it. While it can difficult to adjust, it actually creates better sustain and resonance.