Choosing among a wide range of electronic drum kits in Singapore is a tough chore. But worry not because here is a list of things to consider when shopping for the best electronic drum set.

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3 Tips for Buying the Right Electronic Drum Sets

Due to improvements in technology, what was once a simple playable electronic pad had turned into one of the musicians’ instruments of choice. No doubt, electronic drumming in the Singapore has come a long way since its inception in 1977. Now, electronic drum sets come in an endless range of options, which make it difficult to decide. If you’re in the market for an electronic drum set but you don’t know which one to buy, then here are tips to help you get started.

Choose an impressive module

A module is the brain of your electronic drum set. It not only acts as a controller, but also enhances, captivates, and hypnotizes your audience. This, together with other musical instruments, takes your audience to a grand musical escapade of beats, nuances, and enchanting rhythms. That’s why it’s important to choose an impressive module so it can enhance your creativity and give you room for improvement. Not to mention, you’ll get a precise and quick response and a feedback that matches your playing.

Know which type of drum pad is suitable for you

If you are new to the electronic drumming scene, then you must choose between mesh heads and rubber pads. Both options are great and have their pros and cons. For some long-time drummers, they prefer one option over the other. Nevertheless, it’s all up to you which one is better. Knowing these two types of drum pads will help you determine which one fits your needs.

Mesh heads

What makes mesh heads appealing to some drummers is that they provide a traditional feel and rebound since they are closely similar to typical drum heads. Mesh heads work best with a module to provide a vast range of sound effects depending on where you strike. Using a different model produces a unique sound based on the location you strike. Apart from this, they are tunable which means they can attune their tension to produce a rebound and feel that suits you.

Rubber pads

Aside from being economical, rubber pads are great for those who are living in small spaces due to their compact size. They can slip into narrow spaces and even fit over the edges of acoustic drums, making them ideal for a dorm or apartment. Moreover, rubber pads provide consistent sound, more bounce and “give” when you strike it.

Consider an easy-to-dismantle and durable drum set

Electronic drum sets are an effective way to improve your drumming skills, whether in your home or on the road. Most of them are light and easy to dismantle. An easy-to-dismantle e-drum kit means it can be made compact, thus it can fit in narrow spaces. This is important in many situations like setting it aside when there are visitors using your practice space. Another scenario is when you are on the go and fit the kit in your car. Apart from this, it’s also important to consider electronic drum set’s durability. Frequent dismantling and set-up may cause wear and tear for the less sturdy sets. If you want to avoid that worst-case scenario where your kit falls apart during a gig, then make sure to look for a durable e-drum set.