With the awesome ability to exert energy into your musical performance, the amazing electric guitar is among the musicians' favorite when it comes to exuding electrifying effect that captivates your audience. Read more about electric guitars in Singapore below to find out.


Top Electric Guitars Price List 2021

Simple Steps that You Must Know before Getting an Electric Guitar

When you talk about the electric guitar, many people often think about its electrifying effect that it brings into every known music. Whether you are an amateur or a seasoned guitarist, you still have to face many questions and issues whenever you are going to buy an electric guitar.

Since there are tons of awesome electric guitars in the market, it can be both daunting and confusing at the same time when you are going to buy your electric guitar. In order to make it easier for you to decide, there is a simple list of things that you should look for before buying one. Basically, you need to consider these several things when you are looking for the perfect electric guitar that matches your music, style, skill and budget level. Hence, this simple guide will help you to select the right electric guitar for the right job.

Budget & Intended Purpose

First of all, you should set a budget for your electric guitar because it is actually a key factor that can decide your choice. Although you do not have to take a loan or mortgage to get the perfect electric guitar, it is still a decisive point which can influence your purchase. Unsurprisingly, the price factor is the limiting factor that you should take into account.

For Beginners

If you are just a beginner, it is highly recommended that you should stick with a great "starter" kit because it usually offers a great learning curve. Moreover, it is also playable and affordable at the same time. Furthermore, you should not worry because there is a huge selection of electric guitar designs which offer a lot of room and flexibility for first-timers to learn without much trouble at all.

For Seasoned Guitarist

As for the seasoned guitarist, you might have a dream electric guitar in mind after playing for a certain period of time. Even if it takes a long time for you to get your much-coveted dream electric guitar after saving money, it is certainly worth your investment. However, you do not have to be disappointed if you lack the will to spend a huge amount of money on it because the huge varieties of electric guitar simply mean that there will be a design that can suit even your limited budget.

Additional Electric Guitar Accessories that You Definitely Need

Even the higher-end electric guitar model definitely requires certain accessories in order to provide the best performance. In addition, these additional guitar accessories will add more meaning to your guitar prowess. Once you have been equipped adequately with them, you will be surprised at how valuable they are when it comes to enhancing the firepower and finesse of your guitar.

Guitar Strap

Ensuring that your guitar stays securely in place as you are playing it, the guitar strap is useful when it alleviates stress on your muscles on both arm and shoulders. In addition, it also serves as a decorative element that complements your entire gear and personality.

Guitar Tuner

This is the item that you look to when you need to adjust the string-pitches of your electric guitar to your desired pitch. Needless to say, it is important to get this when you want to match accurately to your referred note from other instrument or music.

Guitar Picks

As a plectrum or a small flat tool that is used to pluck or strum your guitar, it is essential in order to acquire certain distinct sounds through different strumming or plucking locations on your guitar. Since there are lots of them, feel free to try one and experiment around.

Electric Guitar Strings

There are times when you need to change your guitar strings so that you will be able to play in the exact manner as desired. In other words, you can test out any distinct sound that you want with different types of guitar strings.

Electric Guitar Stand

Basically, the electric guitar stand is here to "hang" your instrument so that you have a good place to store. In addition, it also makes it easier for you to take it out and play it at any time.

Electric Guitar Case

Without further explanation, you definitely need an electric guitar case to store and protect your precious instrument. Moreover, you can choose the design that reflects your personality.