Every guitar player whether you have an acoustic, electric, or bass guitar, knows the importance of having a well-tuned instrument. If you don't have an ear to tune your guitar on your own, tuners are always available to help you out. Check out the best guitar tuners in Malaysia or read more about the different types of tuners below.


Different Types of Guitar Tuners in Singapore

Guitars are one of the most popular instruments in the string family. With 6 strings and fretted neck, a guitar is easy to play for beginners and can also be challenging for advanced players. One of the first skills that you need to learn before playing the guitar is how to tune it. Depending on your preference or the song you're trying to play, you can tune your guitar to standard (EADGBE), Drop D (DADGBE), Drop C (CGFAD), half step up or half step down (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb), Open A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and a whole lot more.

With all these guitar tunings, it can be a little bit confusing especially if you are a beginner. If you are still learning to play guitar and have yet developed your ear for a finely-tuned instrument, you can always rely on tuners to help you out. Below are different types of tuners that would make tuning a lot easier.

Chromatic Tuners

A chromatic tuner is a type of tuner that shows you the nearest note on the chromatic scale. This type of tuner is perfect for those playing other than standard or playing other instruments.

Non-chromatic Tuners

A non-chromatic tuner on the other hand, only tunes to standard EADGBE. When you're trying to tune an E-string, it would instantly recognize how sharp or flat it is in relation to E.

Polyphonic Tuners

Considered as the newest of the bunch, a Polyphonic tuner allows you to open strum all 6 strings and see all the individual tuning of each string at the same time.

Pedal Tuners

If you have an electric guitar, pedal tuners would be more appropriate for you. Built like guitar effects, pedal tuners rely on a jack that pickups signals from your guitar. Aside from that, pedal tuners also have an input and an output that you can directly connect to an amp.

Clip-on Tuners

For acoustic guitars, clip-on tuners are a better choice. Instead of plugging it into a separate device, you can just clip this tuner on the headstock and be on your merry way!

Why Do you Need a Tuner

  • A guitar tuner is a helpful tool that allows beginners to tune their guitar efficiently. It is great if you are still learning to develop an ear for proper guitar tuning and differentiate different tone on each open string.
  • A guitar tuner also helps players tune their guitars apart from the standard EADGBE and switching back without having a hard time doing so.
  • It also helps players tune their instruments efficiently in a noisy place like at a gig.

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