In need of a good boost for your health? Hock Hua is renowned for providing a broad selection of traditional herbs, tonic, and supplements to everyone from all age groups. Learn more about Hock Hua Online Store below.


Hock Hua Tonic: Providing Nutritional Needs for Your Well-being

Known as the one-stop destination for sourcing health and wellness products, Hock Hua is a household name among all Singaporeans. Offering not just a wide range of Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM), Hockhua Tonic has a cornucopia of seafood delicacies like abalones and dry scallops, health supplements, tonics, bird’s nest products, and self-produced organically-grown products.

Founded in 1986, Hock Hua Singapore had a humble beginning. The health and wellness retailer started out with importing quality American Ginseng imported from Canada. As ginseng is a herbal supplement commonly used for enhancing wellbeing in Chinese culture, Hock Hua slowly gained recognition from the Singaporean locals for supplying ginseng. Since then, they have expanded their offerings to various nutritional goods including the ones we might have gifted to our elderly before - chicken essence and bird’s nest.

Chicken Essence

What’s better than chicken essence? Chicken essence with additional herbs in it. Besides offering traditional chicken essence, Hockhua also introduces chicken essence with gingko biloba, cordyceps, ginseng, dang gui, or collagen that gives extra benefits to the body. For those who are pescatarian, there is also fish essence that contains the goodness of cordyceps and American ginseng. All Hockhua chicken essence does not contain preservatives, artificial flavourings and colourings, and MSG. No salt is added, hence the product is free of trans fat and cholesterol. Chicken essence makes a perfect gift for anyone, as it comes with the benefits of improving concentration, boosting energy, and relieving mental fatigue.

Bird’s Nest

Given the options of dry bird’s nest and instant bird’s nest, Hockhua’s instant bird’s nest is particularly popular among consumers leading a hectic lifestyle. You can choose either instant bird’s nest with rock sugar or with ginseng. All of their golden bird’s nests are sourced from all across Southeast Asia, which are of premium quality. No artificial colouring and preservatives are added, so they are natural and pure. Bird’s nests are beneficial for clearing phlegm, relieving chronic dry coughs, and boosting the immune system. If you’d like to leave out the sugar or prefer to boil your own bird’s nest, you can go for the dry bird’s nest originated from Kalimantan, Pulau Rangsang, or Kuching. The price of a box of instant bird’s nest is around $40 to $60, whereas the dry bird’s nest comes at a price that starts from S$180.

Purchase Products from Hockhua Online Singapore

Other than buying health and wellness products from Hock Hua outlets in Singapore, you can also purchase in the comfort of your own home via Hockhua estore online. Any order over $100 and above will be qualified for free delivery. Hock Hua has a plethora of nourishing goods that are ideal for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day too. Show love and appreciation to our beloved parents with Hockhua’s gifts today!

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