Blinds in Singapore are not only decorative but also practical items that accentuate any room’s appearance. If you are in the market for one, here is a guide to help you choose the right blinds for your home. You can also check out the latest blinds in Singapore below.

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Your Guide to Buying Blinds in Singapore

Blinds in Singapore are an alternative to standard window solutions like curtains and drapes. They are an effective way to control the amount of light and privacy in a room. They come in many different types, each one offers a different effect in a room.

Different Types of Blinds

  1. Roman blinds - Roman blinds go well with twin windows, especially if they come with uniform colors and striped patterns. They hang above windows nicely and leave them uncovered, allowing a decent amount of light to enter the room.
  2. Venetian Blinds - Venetian or slatted blinds offer a more functional feel and complement living areas, well-ventilated kitchens, conservatories, and bathrooms. From wooden to metal variants – there’s a range of options to choose from.
  3. Swedish Blinds - Swedish blinds in Singapore offer a relaxing effect in the room and are easy to assemble by attaching the double-sided panel of fabric with a pull-cord.
  4. Wood Blinds - They are considered a sophisticated alternative to shutters and offer a warm, captivating look. They come in light and dark hues and have polished finishes. They are the best type of blinds if you want your home to exude an earthy and eco-friendly vibe.

How to Choose the Right Blinds

  • If you want to go for the popular, versatile option, then you can choose among Swedish, Roman, or roller blinds for every room.
  • If you go for stylish Roman blinds, do keep in mind that if you use them constantly, their cords will have to be replaced over time. This is because they have a tendency to wear or break.
  • If you’re looking for practical blinds for your kitchens and bathrooms, then go for roller blinds. They have a protective coating that can withstand moist environments.
  • If you want Swedish blinds for their elegance and ease of use, bear in mind that they can be difficult to re-roll neatly if used often.
  • There are also less decorative yet very utilitarian variants like Venetian blinds and shutters that offer better control of the amount of light that comes into a room.
  • For rooms that serve various functions, it’s best to use blinds and curtains which would complement windows, whether day or night.
  • If you want the best blinds for your bedroom, blinds with a blackout lining get the job done as they cover the frame totally when paired with curtains. Also, if your room has multiple windows, choose uniform blinds with identical style and fabric to give it a neat and cohesive appearance.
  • For kids’ rooms, select blinds that do not come with a cord. This is because there’s a risk of strangulation if ever a child becomes entangled in the cord. So, you must choose blinds with a safety device attached to it in order to tie up the cord safely out of children’s way.