With a huge range of patterns and colors to choose from, carpet tiles offer you the freedom to get the ones that suit your personality or theme. If you are looking to install carpet tiles on your room or hallway, you can read more about carpet tiles in Singapore here below to find out.


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What You Should Look for Before Buying Carpet Tiles

People often treat buying carpet tiles same as buying carpet mats. However, this is untrue because there are lots of things you should look for before choosing the right carpet tile for your home or office. Hereare some of the aspects you should look for before buying carpet tiles.


Your new carpet tiles will be one of the essential elements that can create an attractive interior. Needless to say, you are supposedto select the designs which can match with your desired aesthetic.Whenit comes to choosing your carpet tiles, you should look for the brand or manufacturer that offers you the flexibility of designs. It is important to note that different carpet dye technologies can affect everything from patterning and available colors to design continuity. On the subject of modular carpet designs, you should durability because it directly impacts how long they will look like new.

Positive Environment

The most impressive carpet tiles can deliver a noticeable improvement to look and feel of your interior. In addition, they can impact noise level, temperature, and comfort. Since carpet tiles can create positive environment, you should opt for carpet tiles with cushion backing because they can absorb at least 50% more noise than hard-back tiles. Cushion backed carpet tilesgivegreater underfoot support which leads to a more comfortable space to stand and walk around in. They can even reduce muscle strain by 24%. You will notice the difference as you can walk and stand comfortably at your space. If you want to create a positive environment that brings comfort and enhances productivity, carpet tiles with cushion backing should be your best pick.

Durability and Long-Lasting

Another aspect you should look for in your new carpet tiles is that they should be durable and long-lasting. They must stand up to regular use and high-level of foot traffic. Not only that, you need to be sure that they will look nice for many years instead of getting worn out easily. Tile backing is the most crucial factor that affects the durability of modular carpet. In your regular hard-back tiles, their carpet fibers directly absorb the impact of foot traffic which speeds up the degradation of the tiles, especially in their appearance.

As for cushion backed carpet tiles, they also absorb the impact of foot traffic and suffer fiber wear as well. However, not all cushion backing will lead to same result. In cushion backing, there are two types: open cell and closed cell. The best carpet tiles that can last long are the ones with open cell cushion backing. They canre-inflateafter being compressed. Through this process, they protect your floor covering more effectively than closed cell cushion backed carpet tiles. Thanks to them, you do not need to worry about replacing them soon.

Simple & Easy to Install

The ideal carpet tiles will be the ones that are easy to install without requiring complex prep work. They reduce both the installation time and labor which mean less costly installation. Mostinstallation complications stem from the need to prevent flooring compatibility problems, such as plasticizer migration. Theyoccur when compounds in new carpet tiles react with traces of old adhesives left from previous flooring.

In order to simplify your installation process, you can choose flooring with a non-reactive backing. Since the open cell cushion backing do not contain plasticizers or PVC, they do not react with anything on the subfloor. This simplifies your installation process because you donot need to remove all traces of old adhesives, or prime and seal the floor.