An artificial plant is a fake plant that is often used indoors. There are a collection of artificial plants to choose from to improve your indoor space. Check out artificial plants in Singapore below!

Can fake greenery look real? | Can you spray paint artificial plants? | How do you maintain artificial plants?

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Make Your Home Green with Artificial Plants Singapore

While some people are not gifted to have green fingers, some just don't have the luxury of time to spend on gardening due to a very tiring and hectic schedule. Artificial plants are hassle-free and perfect for busy people or those who are not into gardening but wish to have a green earthy environment at home.

Is it good to keep artificial plants at home?

Not many agree with the existence of artificial plants as they are a disgrace to the actual plants. But let's be honest, not everyone has the time or talent in gardening and it is a known fact that real plants are very difficult to grow as they have a lot of needs and care to be put into them. Which is why many still buy artificial plants for their home as they are an easy option to make your houses feel cosier and green without having to allocate time into gardening.

Can fake greenery look real?

What makes these synthetic plants interesting is that they come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, some are only leaves while some come with flowers of many colours. Artificial plants vary from each other, especially when the products are all made by different people using different materials. Hence, some fake artificial plant has the ability to look almost identical to a real plant if high-quality materials were used for its production.

What are the best artificial plants that look real?

Some of the best artificial plants that you can place at home without tending to them include faux fiddle leaf trees, artificial breezy palm, fake succulents, artificial oregano plant from IKEA (namely FEJKA), artificial aloe plant, faux spider plant bush, and many others! When choosing an artificial plant, find one that appeals to you most and blends in well with your home decor.

Do artificial plants fade in the sun?

An untreated artificial plant that is placed under full sunlight will fade and crack over time. Having UV-treated artificial plants, however, gives them the ability to survive those hot, dry days. To prolong the lifespan of your beloved artificial plant, use a can of UV protection spray to dust the leaves, stems, blooms and other parts of the plant. To ensure maximum protection, do spray generously on all parts of the plant.

Can you spray paint artificial plants?

If you wish to feel like the Queen of Hearts from Alice in the Wonderland who paints her white garden roses to red, maybe you should get yourself an artificial plant for your home because yes, you can use spray paint on an artificial plant as they are not real living plants.

How long do artificial plants last indoors?

If your artificial plants are made of weather-resistant silk, you can expect a lifetime of two or three months before it's time to replace them. If your artificial plants are made of synthetic materials like plastic, rayon or polyester, their longevity will depend on whether or not the material has been UV-treated.

How do you maintain artificial plants?

The most simple way to maintain your artificial plant at home is to consistently dust and tidy up your living space at least once a week. Dust tends to build up in any area so it is important to always clean your artificial plant to avoid the speckles of dirt from accumulating.

You can also maintain your fake plants by dipping a towel into a warm mixture of water and gentle detergent. Then, using the towel to gently wipe on the dirtied surface of the artificial plant or flower. However, only consider this option on plants that are made of vinyl or plastic materials since the colours on silk flowers might fade.