Shades are a great way to prevent excessive sunlight from entering your homes. Moreover, they also serve as an additional décor accessory to beautify your homes. Find out more about the different shades that you can decorate your homes with here.


Different Types of Shades to Furnish Your Windows With

Shades are another form of window treatments other than curtains and blinds. Installing shades is enable you to control the amount of light and privacy a room receives. Choosing compatible shades for your home can make the interior of your homes to look classy and well-decorated. However, with so many types of shades to choose from today, finding the right set of shades to match your homes is not always an easy choice. Below is a brief explanation of the common types of shades available.

Roman Shades

One of the most popular types of shades amongst Filipinos is the Roman shades. Also known as Roman blinds, Roman shades are known as a tailored and sleek version of regular shades. These shades are easy to install and operate and the wide pleats will also fold flat when they are pulled up, giving off a neat finish.

Honeycomb/Cellular Shades

Honeycomb shades, which are more commonly known as cellular shades, sport simple and clean styles that can complement the interior design of your abode easily, making them a great addition to any home. These shades can be easily found in Singapore and are available in a wide array of light-filtering and room darkening fabrics and colour choices that you can select from based on your preference and their compatibility with your home’s overall design.

There is also the option of choosing between single, double, and triple-celled window shades, with more cells leading to better insulation. Cellular shades provide unique lifting options too, which includes a continuous cord loop and the popular bottom-up or top-down selections.

Blackout Shades

As what their name suggests, blackout shades completely block out the sunlight from entering the room. This makes them ideal to be fixed in the bedroom to provide a comfortable atmosphere to rest and unwind. You should also take note that blackout shades tend to be more expensive than conventional shades.

Woven Wood Shades

As many of the woven wood shades in the market are made from bamboo, these shades an element of nature into your home, adding a unique textural interest to the designated space. These shades also come in a number of finishes that filters different amounts of light. These shades are made with natural woven wood which has a clean finish.

Roller Shades

Roller shades come with a simple yet effective design that filters light that enters a room while maintaining the owner’s privacy at the same time. There are two varieties of roller shades – sheer weaves that allow more light to enter the room and a room-darkening shade that limits light from shining the living space.

Solar Shades

For rooms that require light control, such as a study or the bedroom, solar shades are ideal fixtures as they prevent excessive glare while protecting furniture from damage due to UV rays.