The best way to spice up your living room space is to add some wall art. Check out artistic wall decorations below or check out our article below. Want to know what your options are? Check out the list below.

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4 Types of Wall Art Decorations for your Home

There’s nothing more painful on the eyes than staring at a blank wall. Unless you are one who loves blank spaces, you most likely want some color and designs on your wall. Of course, you could use furniture and plants to add color and variety, but there is a better, easier option. One way to do this is to use wall art in strategic locations on your wall. In Singapore, you can find a huge selection of wall art to decorate your home, office, or virtually any space you occupy. Here are 4 types of wall art you can use to beautify your wall.


If you have children, stickers come in extremely handy. Get your kids involved in the process of decorating the house with vibrant, colourful stickers. The beauty of stickers is that they can be customized to each room in your home. They also work well with areas such as kindergarten walls and pre-schools.

You won’t regret putting stickers on your wall because when the time comes, you have an unlimited number of varieties to choose from. Not only that, you can easily remove the stickers and add other decorations in no time!


Other popular choices for wall art come in the form of posters. For those passionate about themes such as Hollywood movies, nature, scenery, and landscapes, celebrities, animals, literally anything you can put into photos and pictures, posters provide the best option for wall arts. Posters are also easy to incorporate into your environment given the fact that you could customize them to stand out or to blend in. Posters also add texture and tone to a room

Posters also can be put into frames to give a classy and neat look to any environment. Some posters can be bought with frames in a set while others have to be bought separately. What’s better, you can add as many posters as you want because you can get them in a variety of sizes.


Much like posters, paintings are perfect for adding colour and life to your wall space. The only difference between the two is that paintings come straight from the artist’s hand adding a touch or originality and epic creativity. Some abstract art paintings have the ability to invoke feelings of love, lust, aggression, sadness, and even deep thoughts.


If the above selections don’t impress you, why not check out prints? Prints are designs that are, well, printed instead of painted or written. The most common of the prints are the patterned motifs. Nature, abstract art, and movies are also other options you could get along with quotes and proverbs printed. In fact, you can customize your room with paintings and prints together on one wall. This will give the wall a feeling of comfort and sophistication.

Now that you know more about wall art, you can go ahead and get some. Check out the selection above for the best choices.