Bring life to your surroundings by adding wall arts and vivid prints. Want to know more about your choices of wall print décor? Here are some we’ve compiled for you.

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Give life to your home and office interior with these wall art prints

Have you ever walked into a room only to realize it was bare, uninteresting, and somewhat dead? That tends to happen when there are no elements of décor in the surroundings. The best way to add life to a room is to make use of the wall space with prints and posters. These interior designs brighten up the area with colours and motifs that set the mood for those in the room. In Singapore, we tend to gravitate towards a more traditional art style with cultural themes and ethnic patterns. But here are some choices you may want to try out for a more contemporary selection.


Probably the most popular of the themes in wall-art, nature-themed posters and canvasses exude life and growth in each picture. Whether it is a high-definition photo of a plant, animal, outer space, marine life, or vivid mountainous landscapes, your choices are endless. If you include nature themes that have trees, grass or any other greenery in it, you add a soothing feel to the area around the wall-art, as green is said to be a colour that is easy on the eyes.

Elements of nature can also be combined man-made elements such as buildings, cars, laptops, or even clothes to create an amalgamation of that which is alive and that which is not.

Abstract art

Stemming from elements in nature along with an intangible design, abstract art is another popular choice of wall art decoration. Whether it’s a painting of upside-down legs, a throw of multicolored paints over a canvas, or simply a combination of basic shapes, abstract art makes you question the artist’s motif. Abstract art also invokes the senses and brings out your inner desires and feelings with simply a glance.

Unfortunately, not every surrounding work well with abstract art. It is not recommended for areas such as hospitals, clinics, and meeting rooms as it may cause people in the area to be distress. Abstract art is perfect for those areas where people seemingly have nothing to do; elevators, walkways, buses. They are even useful for areas such as bedrooms to get you aroused.


For those who love their movies, go ahead and pin up some pictures of your favourite Hollywood, Bollywood, or Korean dramas around your wall areas. These pin-ups will inspire you to be the hero you want to be. Naturally, you will find yourself more energetic and open to tasks as your heroes and heroines are plastered around your walls.

You could also add your favourite TV series posters, an art of singers’ albums, and popular cartoon characters. For those of you who love the Star Wars saga, there are unlimited frames of printed wall arts for you.


If these choices are not your forte, and you search for a drive and deeper meaning in life, why not try out prints of quotes? Quotes can be quirky, funny, deep, spiritual, motivational, or even one-liners from your favourite celebrities. The aim of these wall prints is to remind you that you are on a mission – a higher purpose for doing the activity in said area.