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Different Types of Nails for Different Uses

Nails or fasteners are pin-shaped objects of metal or sometimes wood used for construction and woodworking. They generally have flattened heads on one end and sharp points on the other.

Nails come in various sizes, styles, and dimensions. Each has its own application and is intended for a specific material. Choosing the right type of nail is important but since most hardware stores do not sell just one type of nails but various others. Purchasing the wrong type can lead to disastrous project outputs. This list will help you determine the right type of nail to use.

Common Nails

Common nails are generally used for construction and fastening jobs. They are perfect for finishing jobs since they can be completely hammered into the surface and painted over.

Adhesive Coated Nails

This type of nail comes with an adhesive and is intended for wood. While the nail is driven into the surface, heat from friction develops which eventually releases the adhesive. The adhesive then cools, forming and hardening the surface of the wood.

Roofing Nails

Sometimes called clout nails, roofing nails have short shafts and wide flattened heads. They usually have metal, lead, or plastic washers and are used for fastening roof shingles, roof felts, and metal sheets to wood. They are usually treated to avoid rusting.

Scaffolding Nails

Scaffolding nails are intended for building scaffolding as the name suggests. Aside from that, they are also used for building sceneries and other transient structures. This type of nail is double headed and is hammered to the first head; it can be pulled out later using the second head.

Drywall Nails

Drywall nails are usually used for putting up plasterboard walls and ceilings. They have cupped heads and unique ringed shafts which help hold the nail in place after they are hammered through the drywall and into the wall stud.

Finishing nails

This type of nail has a smaller head compared to common nails. Finishing nails are used for installing trim and molding inside a house as their small heads can be sunk into the surface, leaving a hole to be sealed with putty to make the trim or molding even.

Masonry nails

Masonry nails are made from galvanized steel, designed for fastening to brick, stone, and even concrete. This type of nail requires more force and should be hammered straight to avoid it from breaking easily.

Tack nails

Sometimes called upholstery nails, tack nails are commonly used in furniture and have become very popular that you will find them in various forms, colors, and textures. They also can be used in fastening fabrics or carpets to wood and in the commercial finish of doors and walls.

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