Want to reach new heights? Then ladders are your go-to tools. Every handyman needs a ladder so check out the best ladders online in Malaysia. It's a trusty tool that holds him up. Here are some uses of ladders in Singapore.

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4 Uses for Ladders That Would Help With Your Home Improvement Projects

Back in the Stone Age, humans could only climb heights by climbing a tree or mountain. Today, however, we have a powerful tool that allows users to scale new heights – the ladder. Ladders are what every construction worker needs in his arsenal of tools. There are hundreds of uses for ladders. One of the bigger uses is to climb to areas that are unreachable by merely reaching out. Here are some uses for a ladder which you may or may not know.

To change a lightbulb

This is the most common use of all. If you visit a friend’s home and notice a ladder, 9 out of 10 times it is used to change a spoilt lightbulb. Even a 3-step ladder could drastically increase your height, enabling you to reach that cheeky lightbulb. A few simple screws and the lightbulb will be out and ready to be replaced.

To reach a book on a tall shelf

Have you ever seen libraries that have ladders? Ladders are perfect for tall library shelves where it is near impossible to reach on your own. Climb that ladder and grab hold of the book. Be sure to plant the feet of the ladder firm on the ground. If it can be leaned on the shelf, be sure the feet are mounted in an area that prevents its movement. If the ladder can be opened, spread its legs for a wider base and more stability.

Use it as a bridge

In many rural areas in Singapore, access to the civilisation often requires crossing a river or a large patch of water. In extreme cases, ladders are used as bridges to crossover water or deep ravines. Some ladders are permanently placed at strategic locations to allow people and livestock to cross. For us, however, ladders can be used to connect two areas that are elevated. Be sure not to put too much weight on it.

To hang things

The most common way of decorating these days is the rustic-minimalistic motif. Ladders make great props in this type of environment. You can even use ladders to hang things such as lightbulbs, flower pots, utensils and wine crates. Let your creativity flow with the use of 3-step ladders as well as mini, foldable ladders to add to your decorum in your café or study room.

Ladders can also be made into makeshift chairs. Simply bolt the ladder down or rivet it into the ground and tie cushions on the steps depending on how high you want the person to sit. Ultimately, a ladder has enormous uses both inside and outside the home. You would be wise to get one. If you are using it for construction or work, you may want to look into other tools too such as plumbing, paint supplies and hardware.