From basic carpentry to metal and pipe projects, you will be surprised at how versatile saws can be. These handy tools allow you to craft almost anything with ease and precision. For a great selection of saws, read more about saws in Singapore here below to find out.

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How to Choose the Right Power Saw

From drills to hammers, these are the essential tools you need in your basic everyday task and home improvement projects - we tendto take them for granted.Thepower saw is another tool that has been always overlooked. Sincethere are too many power saws in the market, you will find it overwhelming to decide the right one. This is a simple guide that lists down types of power saws so that you can choose the ideal power saw for your needs.

Types of Power Saw


Remember jigsaw puzzles? A jigsaw will remind you of it when you look at how easy it is in makingtricky, intricate and artistic cuts. Thanks to its thin blade, you canaccurately follow curved cut lines.Fromawkward shapes in sheet materials and tilesto makingyour own jigsaw puzzle and woodentoy, jigsaw can accomplish them with ease.Infact, jigsawcan even fit through a drillhole.

Compared to circular saw, you do not need to start at the edge of a project. While it can make a long, straight cut, it is not the ideal tool unless you have a fence as a guide.If you want todostraighter cut, you shouldopt for a slower cutting speed and a wider blade to prevent the tool from binding.

Circular Saw

The trusty circular saw is one of the most common power saws you can find in most places. It is a power saw that utilizea toothed or abrasive disc/blade to cut different materials by a rotary motion spinning around an arbor. With a parallel fence or mounted in a saw table, you can use it free hand.

Best for super quick, straight cuts, circular saw is ideal for cutting across large pieces of wood and sheet materials as well asMDF doors, shelves, laminate flooring, worktops and decking. Circular saw is also used to making slots, grooves or shallow cuts. Asall circular saws have an adjustable cutting depth,you will be able to cut similar pieces of woodagainandagain after setting it up.Thebiggerthe blade of your circular saw, themore versatile your saw will be and you can handlethe thicker materials.


Also known as sabre saw or justsawzall, a reciprocatingsawisan electric saw that is used for a variety of home projects. As all-in-one tool, it cantake the place ofother saws.Itis designed forheavier duty tasks than jigsaws and feature an oscillating cutting action for more aggressive cutting or high-power rough cutting.

With such strength, youcan cut through difficult areas like the corners and floors without any hassle.Since you can use it with both hands, it iseasier to cut overhead or vertically than with most other power saws.Reciprocatingsaws are well-suited for tasks such asdemolitionwork, wood embedded with nails, and stud partitioning.


Almost similar to circular saw,mitresaw puts the saw on a large pivoting head which is pulled down onto the workpiece with a help from a spring-loaded hinge. Its base plate has an adjustable fence and you can set it at specific angle so that you can achieve straight cuts through wood at any angle. The standardmitresaw is commonly used to create45-degreestraight cuts for framing.

Another popular type ofmitresaw is the compoundmitresaw. This particular type offers you the added advantage ofbeing able to do a bevel cutsince the pivoting head can be angled. It enables you to do more complicated skirting joints, MDF workandboxing in.