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Get all your baking accessories at great prices at iprice Singapore

Baking is a great hobby to fill up your free time, to bake well, you will need a great set of baking tools. Depending on how much baking you do – and the size of your recipes – there are certain items you may want to invest in. And the good news is that most of baking accessories are relatively inexpensive. It is a total myth that you need costly, fancy tools and equipment for baking, just the right tools and a passion for baking!

What baking accessories you need? Essentials too

Firstly, you will need a good and trusty mixer for all your mixing for baking. A large whisk that is perfect for blending big quantities of liquid ingredients which also works as well as a makeshift "sifter" for dry ingredients, a folder to mix sugar into beaten egg whites without deflating them. A smaller whisk for emulsifying dressing ingredients or breaking up one or two eggs. Then, depend on what you are going to bake, other baking accessories. Not forgetting an oven that will bake well.

For cakes:
a mixer (get a multi-functional one) generously sized with a heavy duty motor which will last a good time and learn to use the attachments. A spoon shaped spatula to help scrape out large quantities of mixture cleanly and easily. Get one that is thick and sturdy. A precise set of measuring cups and spoons is essential so that your cake will turn out right and perfect. An icing smoother for finishing touches on your cake. The smoother helps to give you a professional finish, smoothing down your marzipan or sugarpaste (ready-to-roll icing) after you have applied it to the cake.
For cookies:
besides a mixer, spatulas and measuring cups and spoons, you will also need baking trays to place the cookies dough. You will also need a digital food scale that will help in measuring increments in greater accuracy. Cooling racks to cool down your lovely cookies. And good quality parchment paper to lay your cookies and prevent it from sticking onto the baking tray.

Commercial baking for the festive season

Singapore is a diverse nation with various races and culture, this also means a varied food culture. Many mothers must have at one point get their hands on commercial baking for the festive seasons when everyone want some of those delicious cookies and cakes. The culture of having an open house and inviting friends and relatives over during the Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali celebrations has brought about the seasonal baking industry. Well, since your home’s oven is already in use for baking cookies and cakes for your own consumption, why not bake some extras and sell right? You can look for all your baking accessories at iprice Singapore, just take a browse at the product gallery above.