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No More Monday Blues Whilst Working from Home!

There is not a more comfortable place to be in besides your very own home. Be it that you can lazily put your feet up on the table or wear your faded t-shirt or being in arms-reach of your favorite snack, being at home is the best. Though you can never do the aforementioned things in an actual office, why not make your home into an office instead?

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Your Very Own Home Office!

Hate that awful creaking chair in your office or that funny-smelling table you just had to be assigned to? No more of those! With these products and the comfort of your very own home, you can furnish a room in your home to make it appear as if it is an office. But why stop there? Go the whole nine-yards by making it feel like an office too—well, that and the capability of simply walking up to your fridge, taking out your favorite snack, and munching it whilst sitting on a comfortable chair in front of a beautiful but yet functional office table.

O, Productivity! Where Art Thou?

Numerous studies have shown that a wholesome number of people are more productive at home in comparison to being in an office. While these studies do focus on those who are able to work from home, they do not however simplify that you should pack your things and literally start working from home. The products that you see here provide both form and function whilst giving you the freedom to stylize and customize that “study room” of yours. Have your pick at an ergodynamic chair or a buttock shaper or a nice table with all the drawer space you need. Thus, we go back to the title of this section, “O, Productivity! Where Art Thou?”.

Versatility of Home Offices with Products from iprice Singapore

Nowadays, it can go either two ways; you work a 9-to-5 shift from home or you use your home office space as a place to pay your bills, do your taxes, go through your mail, or store important documents. These two ways are mainly aimed for adults. Moreover, for children, this space is considered as a “homework spot”, a place that they can study, finish their homework, or even to act as a place to play hours and hours of computer games—should there be a computer present there. It can also be a form of a library where both the adult and the child can read together or as a quiet place to take good naps.

Home office - It’s Simply Just a Place to Call Your Own

A home office should feel like your own regardless if it is made to be a study room or a homework spot or even a napping area. Though, if you are really thinking of making a room in your house as a home office, then your No. 1 priority is storage. An abundance of papers, books, electronic devices, pillows, and supplies to store, you are bound to be scratching your head to accommodate the right storage space for these items. The ideal manner to go about this problem is to ensure an ample amount of shelves, drawers, and cabinets. Once that is covered, you can go on with finding furniture (especially the table) that provides the most comfort, space, and utility. The final thing to add to this is to personalize it with plenty of photographs, posters, and knickknacks. What are you waiting for? Shop at iprice Singapore now!