Sitting in front of our computer or laptop for 8 hours at work can make our back feel sore. While it is not encouraged to be sedentary all the time, it is still imperative for us to have a good office chair that provides good back support and helps us keep our posture upright. Below you can find office chairs and ergonomic chairs that will suit your needs. Read more to find out the best office chairs in Singapore!

Which office chairs are good for your back? | How do I adjust the lumbar support on my office chair? | What office chairs does Google use?


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All You Need to Know About Office Chair & Computer Chair in Singapore

Which office chairs are good for your back?

When on the lookout for a good-quality office chair, it should meet the basic requirements of providing back and lumbar support as well as adjustable height.

To allow good air circulation, the office chair should also come with an armrest and a backrest made of mesh fabric or breathable material to keep you cool and comfortable while working long hours. That said, there are some leather office chairs that are equally as comfortable for sitting too and definitely feel much more classy.

If you are prone to sore necks or shoulders, the ideal computer chair for you would be one that comes with a head rest, so that you’re guaranteed with the ultimate comfort in the top part of your torso. For those who like doing occasional stretching during short work breaks, chairs that can tilt in varying degrees are highly recommended. As for the seat depth, an ergonomic chair should have a seat depth of about 17 to 20 inches.

When choosing a suitable chair for yourself, it’s also important to take note of your desk height. Make sure that the chair you are purchasing aligns with the height and width of your desk. With all the above features considered, you can finally choose the best office chair for yourself.

Below are some great office chairs that fulfil the aforementioned requirements and are sold at a reasonable price, some of which feature advanced components that allow you to sit as comfortably as possible:

Best Ergonomic Chair in Singapore

The office chairs above are designed ergonomically to provide adequate support to your back, which helps you to overcome bad posture and reduce the risk of having back problems. With all of these conditions achieved, your work productivity will be maximised as you’re guaranteed great comfort.

How do I adjust the lumbar support on my office chair?

Stand in front of your chair and adjust the seat pan to just below your knee caps. Then sit on it with your back firmly against the backrest and adjust the seat to the proper height. As a rule of thumb is that your feet should remain flat on the ground with your knees close to a 90-degree angle.

What office chairs does Google use?

Ever since Google was voted as one of the most desirable workplaces in the US, many employers are curious about Google’s work environment and facilities that play a huge role in maximising employee satisfaction and boosting their productivity. Hence, office chairs are one of the factors that come into play.

What’s the secret behind their office chairs then? It all falls on the brand Think by Steelcase, an adjustable and smart office chair that conforms to the body flexibly as you move or change postures. Besides, the parts are all made of sustainable materials, therefore they can be recycled or repurposed into something useful after they are fully utilised.

Where to buy office chairs in Singapore?

To try sitting on office chairs first hand, you can head to your nearest furniture store to compare each different model. Alternatively, office chairs are available on online shopping platforms including Shopee, Lazada, and Qoo10, which can all be delivered to your doorstep within days or weeks.

Purchasing office chairs online is much more convenient as you don’t need to provide your own transport to haul the chair to your selected destination. What’s more, no complicated assembly is required upon arrival, making setting up a work station at home hassle-free.

Whether it be gaming chairs or ergonomic chairs for your home office, you can find a wide range of sturdy office chairs here at iPrice Singapore while comparing their price online. Before purchasing an office chair, be sure to read customer reviews and check specifications and warranty to ensure you receive the value for the price you pay.

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