Cleaning your home is not necessarily the most enjoyable activity for many, especially after a long day of work. What makes it worse is when you need to hunt for your cleaning supplies all over the house. Hence, keep your cleaning supplies handy and organised with the storage tips provided below.


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Useful Tips on How to Store Cleaning Supplies

Keeping your house clean and tidy often means that we need to have cleaning supplies, a lot of them. From sponges to brushes to cleaning liquids and detergents, every household will typically have a wide array of cleaning tools and chemicals. Whether your home needs a quick touch-up or a deep clean, it is important to keep these cleaning supplies handy at all times. Keeping your cleaning supplies well not only prevents unnecessary clutter, it can also ensure that these products last longer. Here are some storage tips to keep cleaning supplies sorted and ready for use:

Better Safe than Sorry

When storing cleaning supplies, safety should always be the main priority. Naturally, you would want to store them in a cupboard or space where its easily accessible but you should also make sure that the space is well out of reach of small children and pets. Cleaning liquids and detergents often contain chemicals which are dangerous to humans and animals. If you do not have a high shelf or lockable closet, you can consider installing child safety locks so that little fingers and curious paws cannot get to these hazardous materials.

Designate a Dedicated Storage Space

Ideally, you should set aside a cabinet or space at home entirely to store all your cleaning supplies. You should make sure that there are no temperature extremes in the area where your cleaning gear are stored. Chemicals should typically be stored in a cool, dry place. Moreover, by assigning a designated spot to store your cleaning items, you do not need to waste time going from room to room to track down the supplies you need when the time comes.

Alternatively, you can store the cleaning items based on the parts of the house where they will primarily be used at. For example, keep kitchen cabinets in the cabinet above the sink, bathroom cleaners in the bathroom cabinet, laundry supplies on a shelf near the washer, etc. instead of housing everything in one space.

Use Original Containers

You should always keep cleaning supplies in their original containers. This enables you to refer to instructions on how to use them more easily. If you are one who makes your own cleaning liquids, make sure you use new clean bottles. You should also label them appropriately to avoid any confusion. You do not want to confuse plain water with bleach!

Prepare Cleaning Caddies

Another way to store your cleaning supplies is to create smaller cleaning kits for different areas of your home. In addition to cleaning solutions, you can include all other necessary items such as rags, sponges, scrub brushes, and more. Having cleaning caddies are useful especially when you are in a rush and need a quick clean.