Keeping you home clean is essential to ensure that you have a clean and comfortable environment to live in. Mops are a staple cleaning equipment that can be found in most Singaporean homes. Learn more about the various types of mops available in the market here.


5 Common Types of Mops in Singapore

Not everyone enjoys doing household chores, but they can only be delayed for so long. Mopping helps to ensure that the floors of our homes are constantly clean. There are an abundant variety of mops that one can purchase, hence the tips below will help you to narrow down your search before you proceed to purchase a mop.

Flat Mops

Flat mops are popular and commonly used in Singaporean households. They can be easily identified with a flat head with a disposable or reusable pad attached to it. Easy to use and set up, they are the favouredmop if you plan to mop the floor every day. Flat mops can be used to clean corners easily thanks to the build of their head. Other advantages that flat mops possess include being inexpensive to buy or replaced and can also be stored easily.

Sponge Mops

Like the name suggests, sponge mops feature a spongy head that usually has an attached wringer. The head can be removed so that you can rinse and replace them easily whenever necessary. Sponge mops are best used in homes with tiled floors and other uneven surfaces. However, these mops require proper maintenance to prevent the spread of bacteria. Once you are done with mopping, the mop needs to be rinsed well and then placed upright in a place where it can dry completely. You should replace the mop head when you notice symptoms such as the sponge beginning to break apart, discolour, or emit smell.

String Mops

Despite the invention of newer and better mops, many Singaporeans still prefer traditional cotton string mops due to their absorbency and scrubbing power. The stringed head makes for easy cleaning of corners, but wringing out excess water can be a hassle. String mops tend to fall apart more quickly and can be a pain to wash and dry fully due to its design. However, if you are looking for a budget mop that still ensures your floors are clean, then string mops are a great choice.

Dust Mops

If versatility is what you are looking for, then dust mops are the ideal option for you. Dust mops are used for dry cleaning and not as a wet cleaning tool like other mops. Unlike other mops that are used primarily to clean floors, dust mops can also be used to clean ceilings, walls, and light fixtures. Dust mops usually come with a long handle, enabling users to clean often hard-to-reach places such as cobwebs on upper corners of walls. Dust mops can be made from a wide variety of materials including microfiber, synthetics, and wool.

Steam Mops

The most technologically-advanced mop in this list, steam mops are electrical appliances with an attached refillable tank for water. Steam mops will heat up the water contained in the tank, turning it into steam. A trigger will then release the steam through a reusable mopping pad onto the floor. Steam mops are fantastic options because they clean and disinfect at the same time. However, they are more expensive than other mops and might not be suitable to be used on some floor types.