Not everyone enjoys doing chores as it is a hassle and may take up too much of our time, floors especially gets dirty very fast as we step on it daily. Now you can make cleaning floors an effortless chore with steam mops in Singapore. Click here to find out more!


Features to look out for in a steam mop

Purchasing household items can be an intimidating process as there are a huge range of steam mops available in the market. Compared to your traditional mop, steam mops in Singapore generally do a better job in cleaning. Before you head to your nearest home-improvement store to pick up a steam mop, here are some features you should look out for.

Steam pressure

Generally, a high steam pressure accompanied with a high boiler temperature will make cleaning quicker and more effective compared to lower-pressured steam mops. A steam mops’ operating pressure is measured in pounds per square inch (psi), so do look for a steam mop with at least 50 psi. It would be better if it also comes with a dial to adjust the steam pressure.

Water tank capacity

The more water you can fill up in the tank, the larger the area of the floor/carpet you are able to clean. Typically, handheld steam cleaners have a smaller water tank capacity which equals to a shorter steam time. On the other hand, steam mops vary significantly as the cleaning time may lasts from 10 minutes to 30 minutes before it runs out of steam.


The weight of the steam mop mostly comes from the water tank. Even though a bigger water tank may allow you to clean for a longer time, it is important to balance out with other aspects of a steam mop. For example, how lightweight or comfortable it is to use.

Heat-up time

The heat-up time determines how fast you are able to start using the steam mop after it is being switched on. Cylinder steam cleaners tend to heat up the slowest compared to handheld or steam mops. To be able to start cleaning immediately, choose a steam mop that heats up within 30 seconds.

Continuous versus triggers

To have a better control over the use of steam mops, it is bests to choose the models with trigger-activated levers. The lever helps to control the amount of steam that comes out of the steam mop and you can pause in the midst of cleaning and not waste more steam. Alternatively, steam mops with continuous steam are ideal for use in larger areas.

Other features to look out for

Here are some other features to look out for that will make cleaning an enjoyable experience.

Cable length

The longer the cable length of a steam mop, the easier it is to clean especially in larger areas without having to swap plug sockets.

Height-adjustable handles

For smaller homes, a steam mop with height-adjustable handles can easily be tucked away in tighter areas.

Extra attachments

Steam mops that come with several tools such as a window squeegee or a scrubbing pad not only helps in wider ranges of cleaning but helps you save a ton of money as well.