Hugo Boss selection of perfumes in Singapore is now available online. Choose from an exquisite selection of fragrances for men and women giving you a seductive and passionate feel. Browse the products below or find out more here.

Hugo Boss perfume in Singapore | How to choose the perfect Hugo Boss perfume | How to apply Hugo Boss perfume | Hugo Boss perfume for Men | Hugo Boss perfume for Women


Hugo Boss perfumes in Singapore

Classy seduction, passion, elegance – portrayed seamlessly in the latest collection of Hugo Boss perfumes. The biggest name in fashion and now, perfumes, Hugo Boss releases its latest line of fragrances to tease your senses. Sporting Hollywood superstars and supermodels as ambassadors, Hugo Boss perfumes are the epitomai of style and temptation in the world of fragrances. Creating enchanting scents that mesmerize, Hugo Boss presents a wide range of choices both for men and women. Complete your makeover with a dash of Hugo Boss perfumes in Singapore. Browse the selection on iprice and you’ll find the right smell to captivate and seduce, only with Hugo Boss Singapore. Read further to find out more.

How to choose the perfect Hugo Boss perfumes

Judging by how diverse Hugo Boss perfume collections are, you may not have the time to sample each one. So here’s a logical method of finding the right perfume for you. Hugo Boss has laid out its top selection and given a guide as to how you should select your fragrance.

Gender – Firstly, determine if you’ll be choosing it for a man or a woman. Both genders have their own unique line of scents. Hugo Boss perfumes for men have a distinct, masculine feel together with a slight musk. Hugo Boss perfumes for women pull a light floral aroma.

Time – Hugo Boss perfumes have fragrances for 2 times of the day: Night and Day. Select the perfume based on what time of the day you would wear it. Different time of the day also denotes different occasions. For day time, go for something lighter and more fruity or floral. For night time, go for something woody or seductive.

Flavours – For men, choose between selections of fresh, woody or oriental flavours. You can also determine based on whether he is masculine, seductive or unique. For women, choose between floral/fruity or woody flavours. Customise it based on whether she is going for the feminine, successful or unique fragrance.

How to apply Hugo Boss perfumes

Like all top designer perfumes, Hugo Boss perfumes have to be used sparingly. The scent is made to last throughout the day so a couple of sprays would do. Follow these simple steps to maximise your perfume application:

  1. Gently unbox the Hugo Boss perfume bottle.
  2. Observe the contour of the glass as it encloses all the fragrant essences inside.
  3. Hold the bottle firmly in hand and aim it at a 45o angle towards your body roughly 2 feet away.
  4. Hit the spray nozzle and walk towards the mist. Don’t inhale it otherwise you will feel a burning sensation.
  5. Once the mist is settled, breathe in and you are ready to head out.

Hugo Boss perfumes for Men

  • Boss The Scent
  • Boss Bottled
  • Boss Bottled Night
  • Boss Bottled Sport
  • Boss The Collection
  • Boss Orange Man
  • Hugo Extreme
  • Hugo Man
  • Hugo Just Different
  • Hugo Red

Hugo Boss perfumes for Women

  • Boss Nuit
  • Boss Jour
  • Boss Ma Vie
  • Femme by Boss
  • Boss Orange Woman
  • Hugo Extreme
  • Hugo Woman
  • Hugo Deep Red

These are some of Hugo Boss perfume collections. Browse the selection above to smell like fantastic. Choose from hundreds of Hugo Boss fragrances. If you are a Hugo Boss fan, you can look through other Hugo Boss products available in Singapore. Shop online and save money on fragrances today!