Get into the Hydro Flask trend! From the office to the gym or to your regular hiking trips, you can always count on Hydro Flask for all your adventures. Whether for storing coffee, soup, and other food products, it keeps your food at stable temperatures for hours. If you are looking for the best price on the best items from Hydro Flask Singapore, check out the selection below.

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Hydro Flask Singapore - Frequently-Asked Questions

You’ve seen the viral videos, you’ve seen the logo; Hydro Flask is all the hype these days. Originating from Oregon, the brand is centred on the great outdoors. With its headquarters surrounded by mountains and great lakes, Hydro Flask is all about exploring nature and preserving its beauty by eliminating single-use plastics. The brand focuses on simplicity over design, giving you a highly functional, multi-use bottle for your adventures.

Does dropping a Hydro Flask ruin it?

Hydro Flasks tumblers are insulated between the inner and outer components which keeps hot things hot, and cold things cold. Dropping your Hydro Flasks will not damage this vacuum seal. A Hydro Flask is made from durable stainless steel which provides a degree of resistance to sudden falls.

Where can you get a Hydro Flask?

You can have your own Hydro Flask shipped directly to your doorstep if you order online. Simply check out the selection of Hydro Flask offers from various shopping platforms such as Shopee and Lazada. Make sure to shop only from the brand’s official store to guarantee an original Hydro Flask!

On the brand's online store, browse their collection of products which is divided into Wide Mouth Bottles, Standard Mouth Bottles, Kids Bottles, Accessories, Coffee, and Limited Edition. You can also purchase accessories such as bottle boot, cap, wide mouth straw lid, cleaning brush, and more to complete your collection.

What’s so special about Hydro Flask?

Perhaps the main selling point for Hydro Flasks is its incredible temperature retention thanks to the brand’s TempShield technology. A Hydro Flask has an inner and outer wall and between that is a vacuum that prevents temperature equilibrium through radiation in which hot things grow colder, cold things grow warmer. The TempShield works by preventing condensation and heat transfer within the vacuum. Think of these products as insulated canisters that can keep your food, water, coffee, beer, wine, and other food items hot or cold for hours on end.

Are Hydro Flasks worth it?

If you lead an active lifestyle or have a love for the great outdoors, then a Hydro Flask is definitely worth it. Besides having a convenient bottle, Hydro Flask tumblers are also reusable and therefore, environment-friendly. The best thing about the brand's bottles is that they last a long time - you can get a lot of use out of it!

What liquids can I put into a Hydro Flask?

All Hydro Flask bottles have been thoroughly tested with all standard consumption beverages such as water, tea, coffee, beer, wine, cocktails, kombucha, soda, etc., so you can fill your Hydro Flask up with literally any consumable liquid!

Does alcohol ruin Hydro Flask?

You can fill your Hydro Flask with alcohol without any issue. In fact, there is a Hydro Flask specially designed for beer and wine – The Growler. The beer will stay cold and carbonated all day and it won't cause damage to the bottle or metallic leakage into the beer. The Growler is heavy-duty, sturdy, and well-insulated to keep your alcohol cool for a long time. Besides beer or carbonated wine, you can also fill it with ice water for any outdoor adventure under the summer heat. Moreover, it is also light weight, making it the best water bottle to have while hitting the trail or staying active in your fitness routine.

How do I tell if a Hydro Flask is fake?

With the rising popularity of Hydro Flask tumblers, coming across counterfeit Hydro Flask products on the market is inevitable. One way to determine whether your Hydro Flask bottle is real or fake is by checking the bottom. Fakes have the entire text capitalized and etched into the paint; real products have text printed in both upper and lower case letters. Moreover, fakes usually have missing text, including "Made in China", "TempShield Insulation" as well as a product code. In general, the bottom of an authentic Hydro Flask comes with the following text:

  • TempShield Insulation
  • Made in China
  • Size in oz and mL - eg. 12 oz (354mL)
  • Product number - eg. F148281