Looking for a range of make-up that would work wonders on your skin but also friendly to your wallet? Then you are at the right place. Read on more to find out about Inglot and their most famous products.


Inglot Singapore: For every make-up-holics out there

Inglot Singapore: From Pharmaceutical Factory to Makeup Giant

If you think that MAC is the only brand out there that deserves to be crowned the queen of cosmetics, then be ready to be blown out of the water by Inglot. As makeup aficionados ourselves, believe us when we say that Inglot is amaze balls. Their collection of colours and shades are pure magic. Founded over 30 years ago in Przemysl, Poland, Inglot is the proud creator of one of the largest makeup ranges the world has ever seen. From fashion runways during the Fashion Weeks, to the sets of TV and Broadway musicals like Mamma Mia!, The Lion King, Phantom of the Opera and The Last Ship by Sting, Inglot painted their colours at all major beauty happening and events in all corners of the world.

One thing that sets Inglot apart from the other brands that are available in the market is their great success in infusing the latest scientific technology with vibrant and bold colours and their remarkable variety of product. There is something for everyone at Inglot, from their widest range of over 1,500 colours with over 450 ways to improve your lips, 600 ways to add drama to your eyes and more than 300 ways to define your face. Not only that, you can also bring the attention to your nails with their rich collection of nail polishes with up to 400 shades.

Today, ever since their very first franchise in Montreal, Canada back in 2006, Inglot has expanded their territory to over 70 countries including 600 boutique stores all around the world. Inglot will not stop nor slow down until everyone who dances to the sweet music of makeup is captivated by their collection.

Inglot Singapore: The cult favourite

Here are 4 thing why we at iprice love everything about Inglot.

The Inglot Freedom System
In your makeup kit, you are sure to have some colours or sticks that you can never imagine on yourself. Those stuff are a total waste and how you wish you could just pick out the colours that you would surely use. At Inglot, you can do just that. The Inglot Freedom System lets you pick out your own personal palate. You can pick out your favourite eye shadows, powders, blush, lipstick and concealers. No matter if you want just 2, 4, 10 or even 40 colours, with the Inglot Freedom System, you are free to pick what you want and pay for just that.
Free Sampling Pot Foundation
Inglot helps you find the right colour that would blend perfectly with your skin tone. Whenever you purchase a full size foundation, you would be given a free sampling pot foundation in the same shade. With the free sample, you can determine if it is the right shade and texture for your skin. If you are not satisfied, you can always exchange the full size product to something that would suit you better.
Make-up lessons
If you are still new to the world of make-up and those tutorials on YouTube are not as helpful as you thought, you can always depend on the experts at Inglot to be your fairy Godmother. These artists and make-up lesson card that you bring home will help you unleash your inner Cinderella.
Professional Service
Other than their quality, Inglot is known for their professional service. It’s of their utmost priority towards their customers, offering personal and top-class at the counter make up lessons for those who needs them.

        Inglot Singapore: Your Make-up must haves

        Picking out something when everything is awesome is no easy task. After much discussion, fights and war, we finally narrowed down to our top picks from Inglot. Believe us, it was not an easy task!

        Pure Pigment Eyeshadow
        Every beauty brand would have their ultimate best eyeshadow but once you tried Inglot’s Pure Pigment eyeshadow, there is no turning back. These loose powder eyeshadows are so rich in colour, shimmery and drop dead gorgeous. Bring the attention to your eyes with shade 86, 24, 85 and 63 that creates the most beautiful looks.
        Matte Lipstick
        Let your lips to the talking with the fabulous new shades of the Inglot Matte Lipsticks. These sticks are created to enhance your natural look by adding a fun pop of colour to your face, giving you a fresher new look. Stay in the trend circle with new shades like the 438. 439 and 4440 and team these colours up with a flawless foundation, highlights and a natural brow.
        O2M Breathable Nail Enamel
        This new invention that is a total hit amongst the Muslim community is exactly what you need on your fingers. The O2M Breathable Nail Enamel allows water and Oxygen to pass through the nail thanks to its special ingredient- a highly advanced polymer. We are so in love with the 677 and 632 shades. Believe us, you would too!
        Pro Blending Sponge
        For the perfect flawless finishing, you need this sponge! It is ideal for blending and is carefully shaped for precise application. The pointed end is used to cover all the dark spots, blemishes and hard to reach areas around the face while the rounded part is for the larger portions of your face.

              At Inglot, they want everyone to unleash their inner beauty with the help of their magical products. Stock up your make-up collection today with Inglot only from iprice.

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