Organic, eco-friendly, ethical, and reasonably-priced; these are the qualities that make Innisfree Singapore one of the leading skin care brands. As the first South Korean company to use all-natural products, Innisfree bottles up Jeju's natural wonders into the comfort of your homes. Click here to read more about South Korea's best whole-some beauty brand.

SALE Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask Innisfree Face Mask Real Squeeze Mask 1 Piece Sheet1) Acai berry - acai berry that is very nutritous makes your skin healthy with jeju green complex2) Aloe - aloe extract relaxes and moisturizes your skin3) Bamboo - from old times, water from bamboo is rich moisturizing thing, solving skin's thirst4) Bija - From old times, bija was brought to the King and was valuable material5) Black berry - Super food black berry is great protector of skin and make your skin healthy6) Cucumber - natural mosturizing cucumber brings your skin clearness and vitality7) Green tea - green tea extract moisturizes from inside skin, bringing your skin clearness8) Manuka Honey - Manuka honey from clean area New Zealand's Manuka tree flower is highly nutrious and make your skin healthy9) Kiwi - makes your skin clear and bright10) Lime - lime which brings your skin clearness and transparency is contained11) Pomegranate - pomegranate which Persians have enjoyed has been called 'a fruit of life', 'a king of fruit' and bring your skin shine12) Rice - A face mask that contains the green complex and fresh natural ingredients to meet the needs for all skin conditions13) Rose - contained fragnant rose extract moisturizes and makes your skin soft14) Strawberry - sweet-and-sour strawberry brings you soft and clear skin15) Shea butter - shea butter ,extract from Karite tree's fruit, makes dry skin shine16) Tea Tree - it has pungent scent and is herb great for skin from old times S$ 1.90 S$ 3.90 −51% Compare Prices in 9 Stores
Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack Bija Aloe MIX & MATCH for BUNDLE PRICE!For options Choose 3, 5, 8 PROMO, please state your preferred mask packs under remarks at checkout:)Wash Off PacksPotato: provides moisturizing and soothing effectRose & Calamine: soothes stimulated skinCanola Honey: provide intensive moisture and nourishment to the skinAloe: a cooling wash-off pack with aloe for soothing and moisturizing the skinBija & Tea Tree: with bija and tea tree oil for soothing & keeping sensitive skin moisturizedJeju Volcano/Volcanic ClusterA clay pack with Jeju volcanic clusters for absorbing excessive sebum to keep pores cleanWash away pore-clogging impurities with Jeju volcanic scoria! Volcanic scoria is a pure, and fairly rare, ingredient formed from lava as it cools after a volcanic eruption. It has a powerful sebum-absorbing capacity and washes away impurities while moisturizing skin, leaving it cleaner and healthier than ever before.Sleeping PacksRiceFor clean and clear skin1. Skin brightening care with rice ingredients (Containing 1,000ppm of rice extract) 2. Stimulating, concentrated texture 3. A sleeping pack that softly absorbs into the skinBambooFor soothing and providing fresh moisture to the skin1. Skin moisturizing and soothing care with bamboo ingredients (Containing 1,000ppm of bamboo extract) 2. A texture that absorbs into the skin freshly and moistly 3. A sleeping pack that softly absorbs into the skinGreen TeaA cooling sleeping pack with green tea for filling the skin with moisture1. Skin moisturizing care with green tea ingredients (Containing 100ppm of green tea water) 2. A sherbet-like, hydrating texture 3. A sleeping pack that softly absorbs into the skin (This pack works much better when used after refrigeration.)Bija & AloeSoothes sensitive skin and provides moisture1. Skin trouble and soothing care with bija and aloe ingredients (Containing 100ppm of bija oil, 1,000ppm of aloe vera leaf juice extract and 1,000 ppm of aloe vera leaf extract) 2. A texture that absorbs into the skin freshly and moistly 3. A sleeping pack that softly absorbs into the skin S$ 2.99

Discover the magic of Innisfree Skin Care Singapore

"I will rise and go now to Innisfree"

The opening line of William Butler Yeats' poem "The Lake of Innisfree" is the inspiration behind the name of this all-natural skincare and cosmetics brand. The term Innisfree itself is a combination of the words innis (island) and free, and they believe in the coexistence between healthy beauty and clean nature.Their products utilize healthy minerals and ingredients found in Jeju, a volcanic island off the southern-most coast of South Korea. Due to their non-toxic qualities, Innisfree became a favorite Korean beauty brand amongst many women in the country.

Give natural beauty a whole new meaning with Innisfree Skin Care Singapore

Innisfree uses Jeju Island's natural benefit in order to enhance the quality of their products and improve the end results. Jeju's clean fresh air, fertile healthy soil, soft warm sunlight, and pollution-free pure water are all beneficial for skin and body. All Innisfree products are free from paraben and synthetic colorants. Their products are also vegan, meaning that they don't test their products on animals. The company also leads many CSR projects, like The Green Eco Campaigns to reduce carbon emission.

Top Innisfree Skin Care products in Singapore

Here is a list of the brand most popular products that you should check out:

  • It's Real Squeeze Mask - This moisturizing, hydrating, and brightening facial sheet mask comes in all sorts of essences, like strawberry, rose, honey, tea tree, blackberry and acai berry. The sheet mask is triple layered, so provides higher absorption and adheres greatly on your face. It's gentle on the skin and has a pleasant smell, too.
  • Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask - Who'd ever thought that something as destructive as a volcano can have such great benefits for our skin? This mask contains super volcanic cluster capsules to shrink pores, exfoliate dead skin, remove excess oil, enhance the skin tone and cools the surface of the face. The Super Volcanic Pore Clay mask has won 22 a
  • The Green Tea Seed Serum - Jeju's green tea nourishes and moisturizes the skin, and this serum does exactly that It's rich in amino acids, which can help hydrate the skin, and uses Dual-Moisturizing Technology that can hold the moisture on your skin for a longer period of time.
  • Olive Real Special Kit - The Olive Real product line uses extra virgin olive oil extracted from high-quality golden olives. This olive extract is full of antioxidants like polyphenols, oleic acids, and other useful vitamins. The special kit includes toner, lotion, and cream.

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