SALE Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask Innisfree Face Mask Real Squeeze Mask 1 Piece Sheet1) Acai berry - acai berry that is very nutritous makes your skin healthy with jeju green complex2) Aloe - aloe extract relaxes and moisturizes your skin3) Bamboo - from old times, water from bamboo is rich moisturizing thing, solving skin's thirst4) Bija - From old times, bija was brought to the King and was valuable material5) Black berry - Super food black berry is great protector of skin and make your skin healthy6) Cucumber - natural mosturizing cucumber brings your skin clearness and vitality7) Green tea - green tea extract moisturizes from inside skin, bringing your skin clearness8) Manuka Honey - Manuka honey from clean area New Zealand's Manuka tree flower is highly nutrious and make your skin healthy9) Kiwi - makes your skin clear and bright10) Lime - lime which brings your skin clearness and transparency is contained11) Pomegranate - pomegranate which Persians have enjoyed has been called 'a fruit of life', 'a king of fruit' and bring your skin shine12) Rice - A face mask that contains the green complex and fresh natural ingredients to meet the needs for all skin conditions13) Rose - contained fragnant rose extract moisturizes and makes your skin soft14) Strawberry - sweet-and-sour strawberry brings you soft and clear skin15) Shea butter - shea butter ,extract from Karite tree's fruit, makes dry skin shine16) Tea Tree - it has pungent scent and is herb great for skin from old times S$ 1.90 S$ 3.90 −51% Compare Prices in 10 Stores