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Intercontinental Video Princess Party Vol.2 - Princess Dress Up Party at 25.20 SGD from YesAsia
Intercontinental Video Princess Party Vol.2 - Princess Dress Up Party
S$ 25.20
Princess Party Vol.2 - Princess Dress Up Party
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Intercontinental Video The Boxer From Shantung (1972) (Blu-ray) (Hong Kong Version) at 55.90 SGD from YesAsia
Intercontinental Video The Boxer From Shantung (1972) (Blu-ray) (Hong Kong Version)
S$ 55.90
Though Chang Cheh only co-directed The Boxer From Shantung with Pao Hsueh Li, the film still fits firmly into his celebrated filmography of Shaw Brothers classics! Popular kung-fu star Chen Kuan Tai stars as Ma Wing Jing, a tough fellow who journeys to Shanghai with no money or support, and gradually climbs his way up the underworld ladder. Initially spotted and admired by righteous gang boss Tam Si (David Chiang), Ma is enamored of Tam Si's opulent lifestyle, and insists on carving his own underworld legend instead of accepting a place at Tam Si's side. Ma Wing Jing proceeds to challenge rival crimelord Yang (Chiang Nan), which earns him the respect and admiration of the common man. But power does corrupt, and Ma Wing Jing is gradually swayed by the bribes and protection money he once sought to protect the people from. When Ma Wing Jing's foes eventually challenge his growing domination, can he remember his righteous beginnings and regain his honor?The compelling bond of friendship struck between Ma Wing Jing and Tam Si is the dramatic centerpiece of The Boxer from Shantung, and is representative of the famous male bonding themes employed by Chang Cheh in many of his avowed cinema classics. Chen Kuan Tai and David Chiang electrify the screen with their magnetic screen charisma, and the filmmakers provide the hard-hitting action and over-the-top melodrama that fans of the Heroic Bloodshed genre expect! Boxer of Shantung was later remade by director Corey Yuen in the 1997 film Hero, which starred Takeshi Kaneshiro as Ma Wing Jing and Yuen Biao as Tam Si!
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Intercontinental Video Duel Of Fists at 21.00 SGD from YesAsia
Intercontinental Video Duel Of Fists
S$ 21.00
Director Chang Cheh puts his acclaimed action expertise to work in Duel of Fists, an action-packed Shaw Brothers spectacular starring the unbeatable team of David Chiang and Di Lung! Fan Ke (David Chiang) journeys to Thailand at the request of his dying father to find an elder brother he has never met. He meets and befriends Wen Lie (Di Lung), a powerful kickboxer who's being bothered by corrupt boxing promoters, and slumming in the ring in order to pay for an operation for his ailing mother. When Wen Lie faces off against the vicious boxer Cannon (Goo Fung), Fan Ke realizes the truth: Wen Lie is the brother he's been searching for. Armed with the knowledge of their newfound brotherhood, the two warriors team up against Wen Lie's foes in a classic bloody final confrontation worthy of the Shaw Brothers name! Hard-boiled drama, Chang Cheh's bone-breaking action sequences, and the gorgeous Thailand location all combine to make Duel of Fists a classic of the genre!
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Intercontinental Video The Chinese Boxer at 20.30 SGD from YesAsia
Intercontinental Video The Chinese Boxer
S$ 20.30
The first superstar of the new martial arts genre, Jimmy Wang takes on the roles of debut director and lead actor in The Chinese Boxer! This film became the overall box office champions in 1970 for Chinese films, and also started the trend of martial arts in Taiwan and Hong Kong! When Jimmy Wang s character defeats the Japanese karate master, this was also seen as a great moment of national pride in films. This film is also a first to break with simple traditional conventions of good versus evil, and developed new ways of storytelling and perspectives. Jimmy Wang s great directorial debut also confirms his status as the first star of the new martial-arts genre as well as an important martial arts director!
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Intercontinental Video Hong Kong Hong Kong (1983) (Blu-ray) (Hong Kong Version) at 61.50 SGD from YesAsia
Intercontinental Video Hong Kong Hong Kong (1983) (Blu-ray) (Hong Kong Version)
S$ 61.50
Winner of Best Original Screenplay at the 20th Golden Horse Awards, the 1983 classic Hong Kong Hong Kong exposes the difficult lives of illegal immigrants and women on the margins as well as the feelings of insecurity and anxiety permeating Hong Kong society in the eighties. Directed by New Wave filmmaker Clifford Choi (Teenage Dreamers), the film stars Cherie Chung and Alex Man as immigrants whose love and livelihoods are cruelly tested as they desperately strive to survive in Hong Kong. After moving to Hong Kong from China, illegal immigrant Mang (Cherie Chung) has no choice but to live in cramped quarters with male migrant workers who take advantage of her. In order to attain the chance for Hong Kong residency and a better life, she agrees to marry a lonely old carpenter (Kwan Hoi San) who wants a child. Soon after settling into her new life, Mang crosses paths again with Kong (Alex Man), a Thai-Chinese boxer she once helped, and the two develop a passionate affair.
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Intercontinental Video The Spiritual Boxer at 24.50 SGD from YesAsia
Intercontinental Video The Spiritual Boxer
S$ 24.50
Lau Kar Leung successfully introduces the genre of action comedy in his directorial debut, The Spiritual Boxer. Co-starring big names like Di Lung, Jimmy Wang and Chan Koon Tai, Lau Kar Leung makes every action scene memorable and undeniably good! No wonder this classic kung-fu masterpiece made it to the top 7 bestseller of Chinese films in 1975, also making Lau Kar Leung one of the most acclaimed martial arts directors! Challenging the kung fu "iron armour" myth where fighters are seemly invincible to guns or knives, the spiritual boxer is escaping the police s hunt for him. He arrives in a small town and begins his spiritual boxing, which enables him to foretell events in the future. The town people are convinced of his powers and after meeting a young girl, who boosts him with confidence, the spiritual boxer is ready to conquer the world and gain back all his losses. This Shaw Brothers Library edition includes behind-the-scene extras, trailers, other releases, color stills, the original poster, production notes and biography of artists for you to review.
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