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The 4th-Generation Air Cushion® makes skin look bright and moisturized for long hours by improving skin’s moisture retention capability with Bio water. SPF50+ PA+++ Moisturizing, refreshing cushion containing Bio water - BIO WATER consisting of various water-soluble nourishing ingredients and 5 kinds of electrolyte with a function of controlling the moisture of skin promotes smooth application on skin by promptly improving skin’s moisture retention inside and outside skin. Light yet strong coverage with Air Cover Powder - IOPE’s patented Air Cover Powder makes skin texture look beautiful and smooth as it closely adheres to skin without clumps. Bright, radiant skin for long hours - It makes skin tone look brighter by naturally improving skin’s own tone and radiance as if skin is holding moisture. Natural Glow(C13, N21, W21, N23, W23) : Normal - Makes skin look naturally radiant and bright as it softly adheres to skin. Matt Long Wear(C13, N21, W21, N23, W23) : Improved Long-Lasting Function - Makes skin look matte and bright withough shine for long hours. Intense Cover(C13, N21, W21, N23, W23) : Improved Coverage - Makes skin look smooth and clean with perfect coverage of blemishes. Moisture Lasting(C13, N21, W21, N23, W23) : Improved Radiance - Makes skin look moisturized and radiant as if holding moisture. How to Use After using basic skincare products, apply air cushion at the step of makeup base or foundation or use as sun block in the afternoon or to touch up makeup (can be used before or after makeup). Read more

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