Fed up with poor quality flip flops that snap and wear off after a few wears? Rubber slippers and cheaply made plastic thongs can never offer comfortable or last after a few walks, you need sturdy and comfortable flip flops that’ll take you everywhere at any time! Get the 100% recyclable Ipanema flip flops that are hypo-allergenic, stylish and are made of a unique Flexpand material that is extra durable and flexible. These flip flops are also easy to clean and are proudly made in a nation that is filled with natural beauty, vibrant cultures and easy-going people, Brazil!


Brazil’s most famous beach town—Ipanema

Named after Rio de Janeiro’s famous Brazilian beach town, Ipanema footwear is proud to be the top flip flop maker globally. The brand offers a wide range of footwear including sandals, flip flops and wedges in a spectrum of colours and designs that are inspired by the neighbourhood located in the southern region of Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro. Ipanema flip flops exude the casual and relaxed beach spirit inspired by this beach town.

Brothers Pedro & Alexandre Grendene, founded the brand’s parent company Grendene in 1971. With the moulding technology, they managed to create fashion footwear which captured the spirit and lifestyle of true Brazilian culture. Grendene also created the first craze for ‘jelly’ shoes, shoes that are made of rubber-like highly flexible plastic material that offers better support as compared to rubber shoes.

This iconic Brazilian sandals and flip flops brand has evolved and become an internationally known brand that is now worn and available in over 60 countries worldwide. Ipanema sandals and flip flops has changed the face of summer footwear in Brazil and captured the attention of many across the globe as a beach fashion must have footwear! Now, the brand Ipanema is globally more famous than the beach town itself.

First made famous by the “bossa nova” rhythms of the 1960s, the town is the most glamorous neighbourhood in Brazil. Situated in the south of Rio de Janeiro, visitors would agree that it is home to the most beautiful people in the world. Its spirit and soul drawn from its stunning beach culture that emanates stunning tropical beauty. The town’s rays of sun entices people to surf and sunbathe throughout the day and dance in the coolest bars and clubs into the night.

The versatile shoe that will match to any outfit

Ipanema have been making plastic shoes for a long time, no other brand has made as many, or continues to make, such an extensive range of creative designs of plastic shoes. This plastic shoes are made in moulds, that’s why design options are truly endless and Ipanema footwear always gets more and more adventurous every year with their designs!

At the Ipanema factory in Brazil, specialization technology is used to create these flip flops that are unique in design and colour. Its 3D designs that cover each side of Ipanema’s footwear will allow other people to notice its stylish designs even when you’re walking on them. Besides being stylish, Ipanema footwear also uses its patented anatomic sole designs to make its footwear comfortable and lessen the pressure placed on the wearer’s body while walking. Wearers of Ipanema footwear will definitely feel the comfortable snug at their soles once they place their feet into any pair of the brand’s collection.

Ipanema footwear could be worn both day and night, dry and wet, sand and concrete. The ankle strap of its sandals collection are very sturdy and are not easily snapped or detached itself. Millions of wearers have walked in them for many many miles and have not experience any sore feet or blisters. Ipanema’s sandals are also deemed as the most versatile footwear for travelling as they are easy to pack, waterproof and versatile that can go well with any outfit!

Not your ordinary plastic shoe brand

Ipanema is not an ordinary plastic shoe brand, as the company practices strong ethical views in its production and manufacturing processes and will find the best way to preserve the environment. Among the principles Ipanema practices while in its operations are:

  • Making plastic that lasts longer than ordinary rubber material that can be recycled due to the clever usage of Melflex PVC
  • Melflex PVC is also much friendlier to the environment as compared to rubber as it requires less energy for recycling
  • All Ipanema footwear are made of 100% synthetic materials in which 99% of any waste from its production process are recycled
  • The firm also complies with the Brazilian Employment Law of not employing people under 16 and pay its employees’ wages that are above the minimum standard to ensure all its employees have a better standard of living

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