Robot vacuum cleaners area one of many fantastic inventions ever made. These little robot vacuum cleaners help us to save time and are very efficient in cleaning our homes. iRobot is just that company that produces these reliable and fantastic little robot cleaners. Read more about iRobot Singapore below.


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The history of iRobot

There was a time when we all – at some point – had hoped for automated house chores; where we could just sit back, relax, and be productive (or waste time) as a machine or robot did the task for us. Picture that: Robots cleaning our homes and doing our chores while we can make use of the spare time to do other important and more productive tasks. That is no longer just a dream or imagination with the dawn of the modern technology era - enter iRobot.

The company, iRobot Corporation, is an American company that was founded in 1990 by three graduates of MIT, the well renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Rodney Brooks, Colin Angle, and Helen Greiner. The three graduates were working in MIT's AI (artificial intelligence) lab. The company's industry is in the field of robotics, as their name implies, and they produce many different types of robots for different clients in different industries such as military, police, and general consumers at home.

The company first started with its military robots when it received a research contract from DARPA in 1998 to develop the PackBot, a series of military robots. The most widely used unit is the PackBot 510 which can be configured to suit many different environments or military strategies. It is controlled by a controller very similar to a video game controller. A rather interesting fact is that the PackBots were the first robots to enter the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan after the devastating earthquake in 2011.

As mentioned, iRobot also produces a lot of consumer-targeted robots; in fact, it is probably one of the largest industrial markets for their robot products. Generally, most of the consumer centric robots produced and marketed by iRobot are aimed towards the hygienic and cleanliness factor of household products. Their robots vacuum, sweep, and even wash floors.

Why do I need these cleaning robots?

However intuitive and advanced these technological marvels are, some people still question and ask "do I really need this?" Here are some benefits of using a cleaning robot from iRobot:

  • Saves us time: Although it may not be a lot, it is no doubt that doing chores still take up our time, and especially so if you have a larger house with a lot of surface area to clean. A robotic cleaner is able to help us to save time by regularly cleaning for us, especially when we are able to set certain timers for it to clean whenever we cannot.
  • A suitable tool for the elderly: We cannot deny that there are some elderly people who live alone or with other elderly who cannot do a lot of physical work. So when there is nobody to clean for them, what other options are there? Why, a cleaning robot of course! It will also cost less than hiring a house cleaner on a longer basis.
  • Virtual walls: Most, if not all, cleaning robots and automated vacuums today come with extra sensors that can be placed together to create virtual walls. This can be used to keep the robot vacuum cleaner from a lot of places where you might not want it to go to, perhaps that area has a lot of fragile items or your pet sleeps there.
  • Automated dirt spot sensors: Most vacuums these days have automated spot cleaning sensors which can detect which area has more dust and dirt. Whenever it detects an area, it will circle around the area and continuously clean it until it detects little to no dirt remaining. You can rest assured that any particularly dirty spots in your house will be cleaned.
  • Compact design: Most of these robot cleaners are very compact in size and lay very low to the ground; mostly in circle shapes. The short height of the robots allows it to go under desks and couches to clean off those otherwise hard to reach areas with ease and greater efficiency.
  • Low maintenance: These robots seem to almost last an eternity; the only maintenance that you will ever actually have to give it is to leave its charging base on so it knows when to return to charge, and also to empty out the dust or dirt tank occasionally so that it will have space to discharge the vacuumed dirt.

Different robot models of iRobot Singapore

  • Roomba vacuum cleaning robot: The Roomba is a vacuum cleaning robot that was first released in 2002. There have been many different models under the Roomba series of vacuum cleaning robot as well. All of them feature rechargeable batteries which are done by letting the cleaner plug into the charging dock that comes with each different cleaning robot. The vacuum cleaning robot also comes with different brushes and filters. An interesting thing is that iRobot allows people to hack the cleaning robot because they want people to improve the product.
  • Scooba: The Scooba robot is similar to the Roomba, but instead of being a vacuum robot, it is a floor washing robot. This floor cleaning robot was first released in very limited quantities, and then only fully released to the market in 2006. These robots can use a cleaning solution or plain water for floor washing.
  • Braava: The Braava is a floor mopping robot that is able to clean on most if not all hard-surface floors. The robot uses disposable cloths for mopping; replacing it after every use.
  • Create: A hobby-oriented robot that is meant for people to tweak with as a hobby. Users can experiment with the robot by adding different hardware to it.
  • Verro: A swimming pool cleaning robot.
  • Looj: A gutter cleaning robot.

As you can see, iRobot has a large variety of different cleaning robots. Each of them have very specific uses such as the pool cleaning robot or floor washing robot. Each robot is specialized to its task and this enables them to clean very efficiently, giving us a peace of mind. If you want a cleaning solution to your home & living, iRobot is here to assist.